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"Unique revolutionary business simulation" (c) S. Goldman

Do you like smart economic games - Capitalism, Monopoly, Business Tycoon, Civilization?

Are you a businessman, creating a startup, and you want to get a knowledge of the principles of company management, the main business processes, skills of ensuring competitiveness?

Are You a student of business school, studying MBA program, and do you want to put the knowledge into practice, to test new business ideas and strategy?

Are you an HR director, consultant, trainer, and it is necessary for you to have a platform for personnel training, trainings and business games?

Welcome to the most powerful and full-scale business simulation in the world.

The demonstrational version of retail trade in the game
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Virtonomics is not only an intellectual entertainment, but also a strong B2B platform allowing to solve the problems of small and large business development

Unique possibilities:

For business schools

For business coaches

For HR-director


For recruitment agencies

For marketers, PR

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Global realms index
Coal mine is on auction!
Clay pit : 21 lvl technology is on sale now.
Wild West Corporation company is now in Top-10 of retailers.
Tent is on auction!
Gardening equipment plant: 2 lvl technology is on sale now.
Stocks and stockings factory: 2 lvl technology is on sale now.
LED production factory: 8 lvl technology is on sale now.
City Abuja: mayor Mike has funded the municipal project «City program of garbage utilization»
Today competed for: 73 (VIRTs), 19 (Game points)
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Social ranking0
Full list of winners
Ana R.30
ш. а. в.5
Crocuta Crocuta5
Number of winners: 27
mary Overview of retail goods of «Jewellery» category
Overview of retail goods of «Motor-car goods» category Tomorrow
lien Overview of retail goods of «Electronics» category
Overview of retail goods of «Jewellery» category Tomorrow
anna Overview of retail goods of «Electronics» category
Overview of retail goods of «Jewellery» category Tomorrow
Held games949
Prize fund:
   Game points783
   Virtual money3 018 000 000 $0 $
Today competed for:
   Game points81
   Virtual money18 000 000 $0 $
mary lien
Number of companies 8 474 5 079
  Assets >= 10 billion 386 358
Total assets (trln. $) 239.13 186.95
Cash money income (bln. $) 514.38 439.49
  Retail 356.78 354.20
  Services sector 149.71 83.43
  Government procurement 7.89 1.86
Index of growth of cash money 1.50 1.62
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Economics browser game online - Virtonomics!

Smart economics game

Virtonomics represents online strategy, devoted to economy, business, entrepreneurship and management. The game purpose — to create a profitable and effective business. The player receives starting capital and can develop the virtual company according to his/her own unique scenario. Only you define your business aims, strategy and tactics.

Virtonomics uniqueness is in its versatility. It is possible to open a retail network and to earn on retail, it is possible to become the agricultural or industrial magnate, it is possible to concentrate on the sphere of high technologies or political struggle — the widest choice!

Corporate university

Virtonomics distinctive feature is its scale. The huge world, extensive geography, tens of branches, hundreds of products, and the most important — thousands of players! Business school train students in Virtonomics, and companies conduct trainings for their staff in Virtonomics.

The game is translated to English, Spanish and Chinese languages, integrated into many social networks. This is one more advantage of Virtonomics — it teaches to communicate and compete, unlike many other business trainers, not only and not so much with the predictable computer, but also with a great number of players from all over the world. After all, though business in the game is virtual — people, their reactions and their relations are real.

Business simulation

Virtonomics teaches how interesting and how difficult is to operate large business in the modern world. The project was initially created not only as a game, but also as a tool for the solution of a lot of corporate problems in real business in the area of training, development of the personnel, marketing and strategic management.

The game has no linear scenario, that does possible both personal formation of business aims, and organic embedding in game process practically any business case — from local testing of various development strategies of the company to full-scale campaign on taking control over one or another market segments.