Virtonomics – a unique business game

Journey into the world of entrepreneurship and create your own business empire! Virtonomics business simulator is the best tool for business savvy people to test their real world knowledge in a virtual economy. Not only it’s going to be challenging and fun, but you will also advance your skills in management, teamwork, strategic thinking and you will learn to make serious managerial decisions on the fly and quickly adapt to the market conditions.

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  • Selecting game space will largely determine your future path in Virtonomics.
  • The world map will allow you to navigate geographical your selected area which contains many useful statistics
  • Home page of the factory -  the whole setup of its activities is carried out hence: equipment, workers, wages, training ...
  • Your office - is your person. The rich furnishings of your headquarters demonstrates the success of its owner.
  • A detailed report of production: who produces what, what quality, what quality...
  • City report of retail sales: all information for analysis of the market situation - competitors, prices and the overall situation
  • Financial report of the company - is the heart of your business. Any level detailing, cash flows, taxes, assets.
  • Qualifications of manager - is the basis of prosperity of your business. Knowledge and experience generate money!
  • Background information of the factory. Before opening the production inquire the factory specialization, the required raw materials and production volumes.
  • Factory supply - is a laborious but necessary work. The more complicated production, the more attention requires its supply.
  • Trade hall - on the base of markets of products you need to develop your sales strategy.
  • Quest – by completing the tasks you can understand the basic laws of economic and technological interactions in the game
  • The list of manufactured goods - which is closer to you: food or heavy machinery?
  • Achievements - is summary of your progress on base indicators - certainly you are at the leading positions of something.
  • List of the company enterprises - all unit controlled by you. Works - no end!
  • List of unique Brand in the game - create your type of product, isolate from the total number and get the dividend.
  • Types of factories in the game - before you conceive a building carefully review the expertise and range of factory produced products.
  • Tenders - the shortest way to earning game points.
  • Top-100 companies - elite of virtual community, the most of the most. Do you want to become one of them?
  • Market of subdivisions - why build when you can buy ready-made? You can save, but can be trapped - do not buy a pig in a poke.
  • Today’s winners - they have heard crunching sound of coins and banknotes in their pockets, and quite tangible and real...

Best retail simulation I have ever seen. You want big supermarkets – you got it. Small specialized chains of shops – here you are. If you want to understand and get the feeling of what retail is – play Virtonomics. It helped me to understand my own job better and led me to various insights and ideas. Oh, and I ended up getting a promotion cause some of the ideas got real good application. Thus 5 stars out of 5.


Took me half a month to get used to the interface (IMHO not user friendly), but the game surprised me with its flow. Just make a company and start making money. Make yer decisions in 24 hours, do yer stuff, wait for results. Repeat. The cycle goes on without stop :-) Your business plan doesn’t work? No prob - try something else. Good thing they got...



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Economics browser game online - Virtonomics!

Online economics game

Virtonomics is an online strategy game, based on real world economy, business, entrepreneurship and management principles. The purpose of the game is to create a profitable and competitive business. Each player receives a starting capital, which can be used to develop the virtual company according to their own unique scenario. Users choose their custom business aims, strategies and tactics.

Virtonomics is a highly versatile game - just like in real life, individuals are able to venture in any industry: retail, technological, agricultural, industrial, political etc. Every business can be highly profitable - all it takes is knowledge and determination to pursue one’s goals.

Gamification for business and education

The use of gamification to engage users in solving various problems, has been utilised by businesses and various educational institutions all around the world. Various business simulations have been crafted to assist and assess employees and students. The vast majority of the worlds largest businesses and universities have already deployed or will be deploying gamified applications very soon.

Virtonomics has the unique edge - our virtual economy is fully controlled by it’s users. All the actions and interactions inside the game are made with and by real people. During the gameplay, players learn to communicate, improve their teamwork capabilities and get better at their jobs and studies.

Business simulation

Virtonomics is an online business simulation. Not only it’s a great business game, it provides wonderful game-based learning possibilities. A large and proactive user base, that populates the virtual economy of Virtnomics, creates a highly realistic resemblance to the real worlds economy and it’s financial operations, free-markets, trade, retail, production and partnership.

One of the most life-like experiences players find during the gameplay is that the game has no linear scenario. There is “holy grail”, or a preset algorithm for winning or losing. Players have endless possibilities to reach their unique business goals. A business simulation is a playground, where all experiments and failures come at no risk or expense.

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