Startup simulation

Virtonomics Entrepreneur

A business simulation game for entrepreneurs that develops your practical business skills

Practical entrepreneurial skills training for successful business creation and development

Radically reduce the risk of committing typical fatal business mistakes

Eliminate fears and insecurities in rookie entrepreneurs

Increase the basic probability of successful start and development of small business

I tried Entrepreneur. Hands down, the most effective and useful business simulation for beginning entrepreneurs! I went through several different trainings, but only VE helped me to fight my fears of starting, saved me from a heap of fatal failures in my first startup, and helped me avoid investment losses. I managed to get real profit in half a year! Thank you!
Alex, 27 years old Alex
I’ve been waging war in BizWar for over six months - it really is one hellova game. What you get here is a combo of a severe economic strategy and a completely fierce PvP arsenal - from industrial espionage to fierce mafia showdowns. In last two 2 months I overturned and seized markets from a dozen of tough oligarchs! A feeling words will not describe, gotta do it to understand :)
Max Max
I’ve been playing Virtonomics for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex economy games, I constantly search and try simulations for my students, even though they appear on internet quite rarely. But no game managed to get at least close to Virtonomics in realism, variations and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly developing and improving, it is diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here you can find economy, entrepreneurship, company management, finances, marketing, decisions making, politics, market research, R&D, creativity, and a very cool community. Tycoon is a game for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although we often have a lot of passion here :) Join now!
Mary, 34 years old Mary

of start-ups

commit about 50 of the most common mistakes in the first 2 years, leading to bankruptcy or to major losses in business

Are you are a rookie entrepreneur or a startup founder?

You have a great idea and a business plan, but lack entrepreneurial experience?

of start-ups

and small businesses are ruined in their first 2 years by the founders’ lack of practical entrepreneurial experience

Аlready own a small business?

Want to expand and create a big successful company, but lack experience of managing big business systematically?


Virtonomics Entrepreneur

is a necessary and a must have tool for practical learning and training:

This is an online training tool

for developing your practical entrepreneurial skills, based on a detailed and realistic business simulation

This is a perfect training instrument

to drastically reduce the risks of committing mistakes typical for start-up entrepreneurs and destructive for your business.

This is a business simulation

that allows you to model your future business in detail, and gives you unlimited opportunities to experiment with your business model and strategy.

This is your startup simulation

that will destroy your fears and lack of confidence in your entrepreneurial abilities and capabilities.

The use of game mechanics

in business simulation ensures a learning experience, that is not boring, theoretical and abstract, but exciting and practically useful.

The business simulation

is implemented in the format of a realistic online multiplayer game

in which you create your company from the ground up, manage all the key business processes and resources, compete with a lot of real live competitors – everything is like in real business.


10 main fears of entrepreneurs:

According to the study by Business Insider, people aged 18 - 64 are afraid to open a business because of fear of failing. This is the main barrier for entrepreneurs. Also, most often rookie entrepreneurs:

  1. Fear of starting
  2. Fear of lack of knowledge
  3. Fear of the unfamiliar or unknown
  4. Fear of losing money
  5. Fear of public rejection
  6. Fear of responsibility
  7. Fear of competition
  8. Fear of lack of private life
  9. The fear of betrayal
  10. Fear of success

Virtonomics Entrepreneur

the most potent cure for entrepreneurial fears, failures and mistakes in business

Grow your company from a startup to a global business empire!