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"US pilots started to hone their skills on flight simulators as early as in the 1970s. It proved to be cheaper and in some cases more effective than training sorties. Today, anyone can get the basics of driving by auto simulators or learn to build a business in Virtonomics multiplayer game."
<strong>Pavel Durov</strong><br>Founder, Vkontakte and Telegram
Pavel Durov
Founder, Vkontakte and Telegram
I tried Virtonomics Entrepreneur game. Hands down, the most effective and useful business simulation for beginning entrepreneurs! I went through several different trainings, but only VE helped me to fight my fears of starting business, saved me from a heap of fatal failures in my first real business, and helped me avoid investment losses. I managed to get real profit in half a year! Thank you!
Alex, 27 years old Alex
I’ve been waging war in Virtonomics Business War for over six months - it really is one hellova game. What you get here is a combo of a severe economic strategy and a completely fierce PvP arsenal - from industrial espionage to fierce mafia showdowns. In last two 2 months I overturned and seized business from a dozen of tough oligarchs! A feeling words will not describe, gotta do it to understand :)
Max Max
I’ve been playing Virtonomics for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex strategic games, I constantly search and try economic simulators, even though they appear on internet quite rarely. But no game managed to get at least close to Virtonomics in realism, variations and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly developing and improving, it is diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here you can find business, politics, research, creativity, and a very cool community. Virtonomics Tycoon is a game for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although we often have a lot of passion here :) Join now!
Mary, 34 years old Mary
Compete against other players
Compete against other players
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Go for farming and agriculture
Go for farming and agriculture
Research and benefit from technology
Research and benefit from technology
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Become a politician
Become a politician
Real-Time Statistics


Active companies: 10,160

New subdivisions: 977

Production volume (mln.tonnes) 2,225


Retail turnover: $29,717,022 M

Service sector turnover: $30,363,114 M

Government procurement: $820,243 M


Serious business games and economic simulation for fun and skill development

Virtonomics is a line of economic strategy games based on real world economy, business practice, entrepreneurship and management principles. The purpose of the game is to create a profitable and competitive company. Each player receives a starting capital, which can be used to develop the virtual company according to their own unique scenario. Users customize their business goals, strategies and tactics.

Virtonomics is highly versatile - Players choose their own business goals, strategies and tactics. As in real life, individuals are able to venture into Retail, High Tech, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Medicine, etc. Every business can be highly profitable - all it takes is knowledge and determination to pursue one’s goals.

Company simulator for development of entrepreneurial skills of students

The use of gamification to engage players in solving various problems has been utilized by businesses and various educational institutions globally. Various business simulations have been created to assist and assess employees and students. Major businesses and universities have already deployed or will soon be deploying gamified applications.

Virtonomics offers a unique edge - our virtual economy is managed by its users! All the actions and interactions in the game are made with and by real people. During the game , players and students manage their companies, compete and gain specific knowledge in: leadership, interpersonal communication, teamwork, global business development and operations.

Free-to-play realistic business sim online

A large and proactive user base of Virtonomics creates a highly realistic resemblance to the real world’s economy: free-markets, trade, production and partnership.

One of the most life-like experiences players find during the gameplay is that the game has no linear simulation scenario. There is no preset algorithm for winning or losing. Players have endless possibilities to reach their unique business goals.

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