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3 BEST of business simulation games 2020

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Startup simulator “Entrepreneur”

Startup simulation game for beginner entrepreneurs. A realistic business simulator teaches you the practical basics of management. The main goal of this educational game is to develop your managerial skills and experience in creating a successful business. Virtonomics helps you minimize the risks of making typical management mistakes in your real business.

Why does an entrepreneur need to use a startup simulation game?

Are you planning to start your own business, but you lack the knowledge and practical entrepreneurial experience?Learn, practice and train your managerial skills in a realistic business simulation. This is more effective than just learning theory.
Do you want to protect yourself and the company from critical mistakes and losses at the growth stage?We all learn effectively only from our mistakes. It hurts. Make mistakes in a virtual simulator, not in a live business. It is much cheaper.
Do you want to test your strategy and business model? Before investing and implementing your idea in real life, test it in a business simulation. Minimize risks when experimenting with a business.
Virtonomics dashboard
Virtonomics dashboard


If you answered “Yes” to any question, you need to use the “Entrepreneur”. Today it is already a must-have tool for any founder.

Strategic online game
“Business & Mafia”

Browser multiplayer strategy game (PvP) for true connoisseurs of hardcore economic games about business, spies and the mafia! Your secret agents and corporate security services have at their disposal the broadest arsenal of legal and illegal methods of competition.

Virtonomics business war

Over 200 different industries for your virtual business. || Dozens of countries where you can create your own political party and become a governor or president. || Own secret service. || The possibility of combining with other players in a corporation or mafia clan. || Powerful combat PvP arsenal to attack competitors and protect your interests.

Browser economy game
“Virtonomics Tycoon”

The goal of this exciting economy game is to build a global and efficient business in a competitive environment. You get start-up capital and develop your virtual company in your own scenario. The uniqueness of this game in its versatility and your complete freedom of action.

Virtonomics Tycoon

You can build a distribution network. Or you can become an agricultural or industrial tycoon. You can focus on high technology or research. You can do urban planning, political struggle and public administration. The richest choice! Build the largest business empire in the world!

Business simulation games Virtonomics are available in English, Spanish and Russian.