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Business is a game!

All fans of smart games are welcomed to take part in fascinating and large-scale business simulation named Virtonomics. Our on-line economic strategy has already celebrated the seventh anniversary and continues to develop and expand. We are working on Virtonomics to be an interesting and many-sided platform for gaming, communication, training in bases of business, and development of managerial skills.

Free choice of strategy and tactics of business development

The game purpose — to create profitable and effective business. The player receives the starting capital and decides how to develop the company. Virtonomics’ uniqueness is in its versatility. Players can open, for example, a retail network and earn on commerce, can become industrial or agricultural magnates, can concentrate on the sphere of high technologies and so on. Players have a full freedom of choice.

What does the game process represent? It can’t be described in two words, but if to be absolutely simple — it is the process of adoption of administrative decisions, so important in business. Only in Virtonomics this process is given in gaming fascinating style.

On the one hand, the player has to make administrative decisions at tactical level, at the level of separate subdivisions — to employ workers, to buy equipment, to set the prices and so on. On the other hand, the player has to think strategically and make administrative decisions at the level of the company as a whole — to define a development vector, to decide, in what regions it is possible to open company branches and so on. At last, the third, but not on value, art of management — ability to communicate, find partners, make agreements.

Cooperation, communication, competition

This is one more advantage of Virtonomics — it teaches to communicate and compete, unlike many other business trainers, not only and not so much with the predictable computer, but also with hundreds of players from all over the world. Thus, experts on real economy find a perennial spring of vital supervision and the wide range for approbation of various business strategy in Virtonomics. After all, though business in the game is virtual — people, their reactions and their relationships are real.

Thus, playing is simple! Player do not have to have deep economic knowledge and special preparation. Virtonomics — is the economic strategy intended for entertainment. Nevertheless, after all it is not "Farm Frenzy". Virtonomics is deeper, more interesting and wider than the casual analogs. Though it is certainly more difficult. But exactly thanks to it, the unique microclimate was created in the game. Virtonomics — is the game for smart, some kind of elite intellectual club. The territory, free from filthy language, silliness and platitude, giving an impulse to development of managerial skills of players, and allowing to learn many subtleties of modern economy in simple entertaining form.

Play for free at home and office, at any convenient time

Game is free. No obligatory payments, it is possible to play for free as long as you want. Additional game services in Virtonomics are sold for money, they aren’t obligatory, but can bring higher dynamics to the game.

This is browser game — that is it isn’t necessary to download and install any programs to the computer, everything can be done via the browser on any device with Internet connection.

The game mode is step-by-step, the game situation changes once a day, and that doesn’t demand much time from players daily. And, besides, provides comfortable joint game to people in the different countries and different time zones.

You can find detailed answers to questions and learn a lot of useful things in game Wiki. Besides, Virtonomics is strong with its Forum. At last, you can message to Support service of our game where you will be surely helped!

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