Business Simulation Game

Game Statuses

  1. “Game Status” (or “Gaming Status”) is a subscription service that operates on a subscription model with recurrent (automatic) user payments, giving the player certain regular bonuses expressed in additional Game Points (GP) and additional game features in the gameplay of Virtonomics. The regularity of providing bonuses and additional gaming features, as well as their set, depends on the conditions of the specific gaming status that the player has acquired.
  2. Specification of bonuses and additional features of game statuses is presented in detailed descriptions of statuses in the game section “V-Store” or on other game pages.
  3. Changes in the status of a subscription, such as its cancellation, upgrade or downgrade, are carried out by the user independently on the subscription management page available to logged-in users in the menu “Settings / User profile / View my game statuses”.
  4. If the player unsubscribes from the gaming status, all percentage bonuses accumulated by the player for receiving additional bonus Game Points in the future period are canceled, and additional gaming features of this tariff are also disabled.
  5. The accumulative bonus of a certain game status applies only to Game Points (GP) accrued under the game status program and does not apply to other in-game purchases.
  6. The user has the opportunity on one game server to subscribe simultaneously to 2 game statuses with different update periods: one weekly and one monthly. Bonuses expressed in game points for each of the statuses to which the user is simultaneously subscribed are awarded to the user independently of each other. Intersecting or duplicating additional features of game statuses to which the user is subscribed are not summed up.
  7. The user has the opportunity to switch to another game status with the same update frequency. If the user is subscribed to a certain status with a monthly update period, then the transition to a new game status with a monthly update period is carried out at the time the user purchases a new status. At the moment of subscribing to a new monthly game status, the user is automatically unsubscribed from the previous game status. At the same time, the additional gaming features of the previous status are immediately disabled, and the additional gaming features of the new gaming status are enabled. The relative (percentage) bonus of accrued Game Points in the new game status at the moment of transition is equal to the relative (percentage) bonus of the previous game status for the previous period.
  8. The game status acquired by the user and the additional game features corresponding to the status are valid only on the game server on which the user acquired this game status.