Business Simulation Game

Monopoly is the best economic board game!

In the era of the development of online economy games “Monopoly” does not lose its popularity. Invented in 1934, the game has been leading the top economic board games for decades.  It quickly gained popularity in many parts of the world. Numerous versions and editions still attract  risk-free enthusiasts. The classic version of the game is suitable for teenagers and adults. There are special editions for children, for example, in the style of cartoons. Collectible themed issues will be an original gift.


What is interesting about this economic simulation games


The game is intended for a company of two to six people. Everyone acts as a businessman with some initial capital. The goal is to get the resources of  the  other players, bringing them to bankruptcy. Rent, taxes, banks – the plot is as close to reality as possible. Unscrupulous entrepreneurs can go to jail. At  the end there is only one winner.

“Monopoly” allows you to reveal the potential of an entrepreneur and get acquainted with the basics of doing business, as well as learn how to invest with a minimum initial deposit. In addition, the game draws attention to mistakes in financial management and allows you to try new ways of earning money in practice.