Business Simulation Game

Linen and Egypt

Today we present to your attention a large commodity and geographical update, which includes the introduction of a new crop and country.


Linen and new goods
Linen, crop
Linen textile, department product Household goods
Linen clothes, goods of the department Clothes and shoes
Nemes, national Egyptian headdress, product of the department Clothes and shoes
Linseed oil, product of the department Food
Flaxseed porridge, department product Children’s products

For the production 3 new types of factories are being introduced: Linen plant, Oil Mill, Dry cereal plant.

Additionally, in the very near future we plan to introduce new products using Linen and Linseed Oil.


With the advent of Linen, a new country has been added to the world map – Egypt.
The total number of cities is 9. The population of the country is mainly concentrated in the Nile Delta, therefore, division into regions is not provided.

At the moment, only Linen is cultivated in the country, but in the coming days the list of available crops will be replenished with Cotton, Potatoes and other resources, as well as a number of minerals.