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Holistic business approach and the difference it makes

A holistic business approach is a relatively new concept that is increasingly being accepted by the business world. To be a business that uses holistic techniques, it means that the entire organization is considered in its processes and policies, as opposed to focusing only on its specific components. By using the holistic approach to running a business, you will make certain that your business is running at its full potential, as opposed to simply having strong areas and weak areas.

Simformer business simulations - holistic business approach and the difference it makes

What are the components of a well-rounded, holistic approach to business?

Some of the key components are a broad-based working knowledge of business coupled with the ability to think critically and communicate effectively. This means possessing both business acumen and a sound general education foundation. I see four key qualities driving a holistic approach:

Competency: While employers expect employees to learn on the job, they also expect new employees to bring a certain level of competency and a solid foundation of knowledge so that their learning curve is short and steep. These days, employees must be proficient in many aspects of a business.

Productivity: Because business moves at such a fast pace and innovation is the norm, employees have to adapt quickly and be almost immediately productive. Developing solutions to new problems is an essential part of a well-rounded business approach.

Innovation: Employees are expected to come up with new answers to solve business dilemmas. The ability to find solutions to new problems tends to involve thinking out of the box. The key is to identify knowledge and expertise that reside in nontraditional sources and apply them to the business at hand.

Responsiveness: The true test of a professional is not the ability to respond to routine problems efficiently, but the ability to function effectively when the unexpected happens. Use of the well-rounded approach requires the ability to quickly grasp the pertinent dimensions of an unanticipated situation, assess its impact and implications and take action to maximize the benefits and minimize the damages.

Why is it essential for employees to take a holistic approach to business?

We live in an age of constant change, innovation and ‘right-sizing.’ Constant change is the driver of the multifaceted, holistic approach to business. An employee with a strong and varied business education has mastered this approach. These people are ideal candidates because they’re highly adaptable within the marketplace.

Ultimately, the goal of business education is to develop versatile decision-makers who will be better equipped to make quality decisions within a highly competitive environment. Because businesses are fast-paced, they are looking for individuals who will be able to hit the ground running. Companies are seeking to hire business graduates who are competent, productive, innovative, and able to anticipate and respond to crises.

How can professionals acquire a broad range of business knowledge and tools?

The answer is quite simple, along with theoretical knowledge and education business simulations are necessary, that focus on systematic approach on business. Thus, focusing not only on the elements of business (as a system), but also on the connections between those elements. A core necessity, is also a connection between theoretical materials and tasks received within the simulation. As well as a possibility to access a variety of different scenarios.

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