Business Simulation Game

Why pay taxes?

Taxation is an integral part of strategy business games . Citizens of the country pay taxes so that the state can realize social goals, the achievement of which is the  meaning of the existence of all democratic societies. It is about the quality of life of citizens, health,  the level of education and welfare of the nation. In addition, by giving part of their income to the budget, people in fact act as accomplices in creating a favorable environment for life. They invest in national security, road construction,  anti-poverty  programs, education.


What taxes are there in virtual business game ?


Taxes are direct, which a citizen pays directly to the state. The amount of direct tax depends on a number of circumstances. For example, the higher the income of taxpayers, the larger the amount they pay to the budget.

There are also indirect, indirect taxes paid by citizens when buying a variety of goods. Such a tax is called value added in  Europe, and a sales tax in the USA. In some countries, additional taxes are levied on luxury goods, in addition –  tobacco products and alcohol.