The Business Simulation Game

Virtonomics – platform for creating and conducting trainings

The company Virtonomics invites you to cooperation. We are interested in strategic partners for the joint creation and launch on the corporate market of a fundamentally new product line in the niche of business games and developing simulations created on the basis of our platform – the online business simulator Virtonomics.

We offer partnerships to consulting companies, business schools, coaches, and game developers specializing in:

  • Developing, creating, conducting business games and training for the corporate sector
  • Consulting and conducting seminars on organizational development, change management, evaluation and development of personnel
  • Training and development of functional and managerial skills for higher and secondary management, as well as for students of business schools
  • Development of seminars, webinars, training courses on subjects in the field of economics, management and entrepreneurship
  • We offer you today the most powerful multifunctional platform in the world for developing, organizing and conducting your author's business games, trainings and business simulations.

Virtonomics is actually a Lego for assembling his trainings and business games, allowing to solve most cases relevant for real business. You can develop new business games and business simulations, you can transfer existing products to our platform by enriching them with game tools. It is possible to play games of any duration with any number of participants, manage the process remotely.

On the platform of Virtonomics you get the opportunity to conduct REMOTE business games and trainings, expanding the audience that is available to you, minimizing your organizational costs and using the Virtonomics billing system to collect payments from users. In addition, you gain access to the VIRTONOMICS MILLION audience.

In which products and results of cooperation we are interested:

  • Business games scenarios based on Virtonomics
  • Fully developed and described business games and simulations based on Virtonomics
  • Seminars and webinars on the use of Virtonomics for:
    – development and training of personnel
    – testing market, marketing and organizational strategies
    – teaching students of economic universities and business schools
    – Business English training
    – Organization and moderation of business games for corporate customers
    – Organization of sales of business games and trainings on the basis of Virtonomics to corporate customers
    ​- Sales of the corporate training platform Virtonomics Enterprise

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • Virtonomics Coach Account
  • Partner program Virtonomics Enterprise (commission 20-30%)
  • Agency contract
  • Joint Venture
  • Piece work
  • Are ready to consider your offer

We are flexible, mobile and open to any cooperation! We will be glad to receive your letters, questions and suggestions.

EXAMPLES of typical trainings that you can carry out now on the basis of Virtonomics Coach:

1. Develop a business model and build an effective sales office.
2. Management of sales in a highly competitive environment
3. Market landing. Training in the basics of marketing, market analysis, planning.