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Laboratories: R&D

General Information

You need laboratories for technological research, which can bring you new technologies of a higher level.

Building Laboratory you need the following:

  • Choose its size.
  • Hire scientists.
  • Buy equipment (devices).

The maximum possible number of scientists and equipment depends on the size of your laboratory. The available technology level also depends on the size.

The technology level will require equipment of a certain quality. Moreover, equipment quality defines minimum qualification requirements for the staff of the laboratory.

In case if you want to work with technologies and inventions of level 5 and higher, a laboratory must be attached to a working factory (80% of its efficiency or more). Factory profile and technology level must correspond to the current research.

The minimum size of the required factory depends on the level of explored technology:

LevelMaximum number of scientistsAvailable technology levelRemarks
110Up to 4
230Up to 8Starting from technology level 6, a factory (farm, mine, etc) of minimum size is required
3100Up to 13From technology level 9, a factory size 2 is required
4300Up to 19From technology level 15, a factory size 3 is required
5700Up to 25From technology level 20, a factory size 4 is required
61000All levelsFrom technology level 26, a factory size 5 is required


There are three research stages:

Preliminary research, the hypothesis is formed

The basic duration of the preliminary research stage depends on the current technology level (up to level 8 it is 3 weeks, then longer). Even if you increase the number of scientists it won`t speed up the research, usually, it slows down because of the low efficiency of the laboratory. The number of hypotheses depends on the skill “Science research” level of the Top manager. Moreover, each hypothesis has a probability of success and a duration modifier.

In case you’ve bought one or several technologies of the last 5 levels, the first stage will be longer (for ½ of the duration of the first stages of missed technologies). In case you have not investigated previous levels of technology the duration of the first stage will be longer — in proportion to the duration of missed investigations.

Research, hypothesis processing

During the second stage, you`ll have to choose one of the hypotheses then scientists will perform research with a possibility of success which you already know.

In case of failure, you can repeat this research. The possibility of success will be higher by 1%. In other words, each hypothesis can become successful in the end.

The basic duration of the hypothesis working out depends on the technology level and possibility of success (you`ll need more time if you want to work out a more reliable hypothesis).

An additional number of scientists will speed up the work. Low efficiency of the laboratory will slow down the work.

Industrial testing

The final third stage of research: is testing and industrial trial of invented technology.

The duration of this stage depends on the technology level. An additional number of scientists will speed up the research.

Technologies of level 5 (and higher) will require a factory attached to the laboratory. The profile and technology level of this factory must correspond to the research.

The duration of this research depends on laboratory efficiency, as well as factory efficiency.

Buying licenses and technologies

For purchasing licenses and technologies click on the «Technologies» tab.

Research in laboratories In order for laboratories to work, you need to hire qualified staff, buy appropriate equipment and, of course, invest a lot of time.

Just like in other subdivisions, the staff has to be accordingly qualified and earn a specific salary. The equipment has to be of an appropriate quality. In order to know what the optimal settings for laboratories are, pay attention to the hints in the simulation. The functionality is the same as in the other subdivisions.

Just like offices, laboratories do not generate any profit. However, your R&D results will be able to help other subdivisions generate substantial profit.