Business Simulation Game

Enterprises – Farms, mills, apiary, plantations, fishing bases.


The farms, mills, apiary, cowshed, plantations have similar functionality as production subdivisions. The only difference is that instead of equipment you will have to handle livestock.  You will have to buy forage from suppliers- either from your own companies or from other participants of the simulation. The aim of keeping the cowshed could be cattle breeding or production of raw meat and milk, which could be delivered to your own stores or sold to other participants.  

farm management

Examples of required forage and products produced in cowsheds:

Cowshed production

If you opt for delivering your production to your own stores, we recommend practicing on agriculture enterprises. The production chain in such subdivisions is normally shorter than in the motor manufacturing business for instance. 

Farms: Livestock

Cowsheds, dairy farms, poultry, sheep farms, and pig farms. They function according to a familiar scheme: forage purchase – cattle breeding – production – delivering the production to your own enterprises or to the enterprises of other participants (factories and stores).

You have to take good care of your livestock: constantly supply them with a required amount of high quality forage.

Plantations and agricultural farms Are meant for growing agricultural products — tomatoes, corn, crops, cotton, coffee, fruits and so on. The equipment needed are tractors. Bear in mind that agricultural activities are seasonal.


The key factors are equipment, supply of good quality raw materials, milling, production and distribution.


The conditions are similar to animal breeding only with bees.

Fishing bases

Fish can be delivered to fish-processing as well as retail enterprises.