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VBC Tutorial – Equipment

Equipment: purchasing, repairing, and removing

There is some sort of equipment in any type of enterprise: computers (offices), machines (factories), workout equipment (fitness centers), trawlers (fishing bases), research equipment (laboratories), etc. The equipment is selected based on the technology level of your enterprise. High technology levels require high-quality equipment. The quality of the equipment depends on the qualifications of your employees.  

Equipment tends to wear out due to constant exploitation and needs to be repaired. Go to «My company» > «Management» to manage the equipment in your company.   

equipment management

There are equipment buying, repairing, and removing functions on the home page of each enterprise.  («Equipment» and  «Automatic repair»):


Automatic repair

If you have an equipment auto repair function in your enterprise, the system will monitor the condition of your equipment every game turn and automatically repair it if needed. You can set the replacement equipment quality and price range. It is also possible to set the supply of equipment from your subdivisions (in case they manufacture the required equipment).