Business Simulation Game

Senegal and Peanut

Today we are introducing a major product and geographic update, including the introduction of a new crop and country.


Peanuts, agricultural crop, product of the Grocery department
Peanut butter, product of the Grocery department
Peanut bar, product of the Food department
Skin care products, product of the Pharmacy department

To produce new products, 3 new types of factories are introduced: Peanut press, Peanut butter factory and Nut bar factory.

A new country in West Africa has been added to the world map – Senegal, which is one of the world leaders in growing this legume.
Total number of cities – 8:

Dakar (population 2,646,500)
Tuba (753,300)
Thies (317,800)
Kaolak (233,800)
Mbur (232,800)
Ryufisk (221,000)
Ziguinchor (205,300)

Additional information
Peanuts will currently grow only in Senegal and new cities that will be introduced.

All companies that purchase Agricultural Farms in Senegal before March 28 (inclusive) will receive a harvest of maximum quality (based on the level of technology and fertility of the farm) at the rate of 1 million units for every 100 hectares.