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Play business simulators

Today, one of the most fashionable entertainment for intellectuals and entrepreneurs is multiplayer browser-based economic games.

To play a business simulator is interesting, prestigious and incredibly useful for everyone who wants to learn in the game form the secrets of managing and building their own solid business. Remember the “Monopoly” that was sensational at the end of the last century, multiply these memories with modern technologies and hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world and get an approximate idea of ​​what emotions and excitement are experienced by those who chose not for themselves “shooting” and “battle of magicians” , but the present, albeit in a virtual space, building your own life!

There are many factors that make people play – business simulators require a considerable amount of thought, which primarily attracts those who need to constantly think and analyze, hour after hour honing their own skills. In addition, many are captivated by the excitement of the game: the full version (business simulators are released in several variations for different categories of users) allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process, in reality experiencing ups and downs, joy and pride in your achievements.

But the most important thing is that they bring new games to users – business simulators, as well as their main “sphere of application” is training. Many European management institutions use this opportunity to hone their students’ skills, to show them how complex and global economic processes can be, to teach young people to easily navigate and come out victorious from any seemingly most difficult situations.

Games – Business Simulators

As already mentioned above, the game business is conditionally divided into several categories. The most banal, simple and familiar to every housewife example are popular among office workers and clerks “Farm Frenzy” and similar “toys”. They are interesting, especially do not strain the brain functions, but at the same time it is quite “passionate” and attractive.

Next in the “table of ranks” are mini games business simulators like the more adult “Farm: Neighbors”, where the user already needs to make a lot of effort to develop the construction or business, using not only his internal resource, but also minimal economic knowledge. With each level, such games become more and more exciting, and many of them, along with the rating and “glasses”, allow you to earn real money, which you can then withdraw to your account and spend exactly the same as the ordinary means earned by “honest labor” .

However, for true connoisseurs and professionals, all of the above is just child’s play. Users of this category prefer real experiences and “hardcore”, which can provide only real experiences with real money and other attributes of big business. It is these people who prefer economic business stimulators of a global scale, such as Virtonomics.

In what business games are worth playing

Every year the entertainment sector offers us more and more realistic and technically advanced novelties. Compare the “Economy” of the early 90’s with its paper money and chips and modern online structures, within which the user already hardly distinguishes the virtual world from reality. Naturally, the question arises, which games do business simulators play now?

At the moment, perhaps the most popular business stimulant in the world is the free browser-based online game “Virtonomics.” What is it, and what is it superior to all existing analogues?

Virtonomics is a terrific pastime, a business simulator and a training program in one. After registration, the user becomes the owner of a small company, which will include, for example, a plant for the production of something, several shops and a laboratory. This is your starting capital. Next, you need to decide how and in what direction your business will develop. You can trade or produce anything, conduct research or buy mines, deal with currency transactions or racket, in general, anything that is potentially capable of generating revenue.

The main theme and essence of the game is business. You can play by building your business in any of the dozens of branches of the modern economy. And this is far from the limit, as work on improvement is ongoing, and virtually every week the developers offer something completely new.

In addition, Virtonomics can become a source of real money. Take advantage of regular promotions, win a tender or a tender, attract new participants through a referral program and fill your wallet! In other words, “Virtonomics” will allow you to earn money by playing!