Business Simulation Game

Management training system approach – Simformer platform

Building a system business is a complex, multifactor process of organizational development of the company with a lot of subtle adjustments.

Most managers are often inclined to search for simple linear solutions, which often leads to small tactical victories and to great strategic miscalculations.

Simformer Business Simulation is an inexpensive and effective tool that teaches managers a systemic approach that visually demonstrates to the player the interconnection and interdependence of various business processes, environmental factors and competitive forces, organizational competencies and competitiveness. You can start a start-up, grow it into a large network company or a vertically integrated holding. And you can hone your skills of effective management of small business. Business games on the Simformer platform will help you and your managers avoid many systemic mistakes in the development of your company, structuring and systematizing their knowledge and vision, helping to generate and test new business ideas and approaches in managing efficiency and effectiveness.

The application of the system approach in engineering and optimization of business processes, in the management of organizational changes is a most important skill and one of the most complex areas of management. Many economics schools teach MBA in MBA theory, but MBA training often requires large financial and time costs. Often, obtaining an MBA diploma requires full immersion in studies and separation from work. But the biggest difficulty is, most often, there is no real opportunity to introduce new ideas, to apply the knowledge gained in practice, to a living organization. Knowledge remains theoretical. Playing in Simformer, you compete not with a computer and not with abstract concepts, you compete with thousands of real live users who treat their virtual companies no less reverently than they do to real business. That is why this economic simulator is the optimal training and testing ground. Here everything is almost real, as in life.

Introduce Simformer in your company as a training and development platform and get your own

– corporate business school,

– a platform for testing your business ideas,

– a tool for developing managerial skills and entrepreneurial qualities of your employees