Business Simulation Game

The best of strategy games

Strategies are one of the most popular games.

Particular attention and development now receive on-line strategies that have different directions – economic, transport strategies, military, historical, agricultural topics, etc. The list of the best strategies is constantly updated. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular on-line games.

Stronghold Kingdoms

Client strategy of medieval subjects. The central place of the plot line of the game is devoted to military actions, but you need to take care of the economic base. The goal of the game is to build your own castle, having made a difficult journey to the crown from the very bottom. A fairly wide range of resources is offered, and at the same time honor is an important aspect.

Rail Nation Online

Transport strategy, simulator of the railway company. The goal of the game is the development of infrastructure. Here you can design railway lines of communication, monitor deliveries, build up your functional park, from steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains. A very exciting game, an excellent option for those who from childhood was not indifferent to the locomotives.

Big farm

Browser strategy of agricultural subjects, farm simulator. An interesting story, a rich gameplay and a well thought out social component. Here you have to learn to navigate in farm life – learn how to care for animals, understand planting and growing crops, collect and profitably sell their crops. Your task is to raise your farm to a new level.

World of Tanks

Multi-user on-line strategy of military themes, arcade tank simulator. This is a popular game based on team tank battles. It offers an exciting game play, a huge selection of tanks and various combat modes, and, of course, the opportunity to compete with real people, and not with a boring predictable “computer”.


Economic online strategy, training platform and business simulator. The goal of the game is to build an efficient and profitable business in a competitive environment. Here you develop your business in any field, working out your own strategy and tactics. You can become an industrial tycoon or develop a network of shops, there are many options. You are offered an extensive geography, dozens of goods and industries. At the same time, your partners and competitors are living people, other players.

Free games business simulators – excellent pastime. Choose the option closest to you and play the best strategy!