Business Simulation Game

Game balancing January 23

Dear players!

In the near future, we will balance the performance of some cities and markets to eliminate noticeable distortions in the game economy.

1. Adjustment of cities in Sweden

As you all know, Sweden is a unique country, designed primarily for a comfortable start for start-up companies. The parameters of cities were set by us for these tasks, however, over time, under the influence of factors of game dynamics and the work of mayors, macroeconomic indicators have changed and do not correspond to the tasks of the starting cities.

Therefore, a decision was made to lower a number of indicators – in particular, the level of education. Changes will take place on the dates of the standard city dynamics (once a game year, in the first week of virtonomic October) gradually.

2. Deleting products

On January 18, we will start the final stage of the program to withdraw obsolete goods from the game, which we announced in March last year. Within a week, we will redeem from warehouses unused goods in the game:

Car (product withdrawn from circulation in 2012)
Toys (2016)
Сellular phone (2014)
Gifts and Souvenirs (2016)
Dishes (2016)
TV-sets (2014)
Camera (2016)

* All goods from the list are removed from the warehouses of all departments, with monetary compensation to the owner of the department. Compensation is calculated based on the average cost of goods per unit of quality with a multiplier of 2, i.e. Product_quality*Average_product_cc_by_game_per_quality_unit*2.
The unit cost is determined on 09/14/2022 and is for each product:
Car: 350
Toys: 0.35
Сellular phone : 30
Gifts and Souvenirs: 5
Dishes: 7
TV-sets: 35
Camera: 12

The redemption procedure will not affect goods produced under Trademarks. For them, we will make a separate assessment of stocks after the withdrawal of the main products and, if necessary, carry out a separate operation.