Business Simulation Game

Business games – theory and practice

Business games are an excellent opportunity to develop their managerial and organizational skills, to receive important lessons in economics, management and entrepreneurship, not only in theory but also in practice.

Now the most popular variant of the business game is the economic strategy, online simulator Virtonomics. This is a virtual world, living according to the laws of our macroeconomics, and each player in a fascinating entertaining form creates his own business, plans, analyzes, develops and gives commands to his subordinates. Virtonomics is a powerful platform, which gives great opportunities, all the main fields of activity, all the basic business processes, more than 200 types of goods are already represented here. And while the strategy “does not stand still,” is constantly being updated and developing.

Initially, the game’s business was aimed at developing skills of competent analysis and forecast based on standard conditions. However, computer models predict and predict much easier than a living person. In Virtonomics, your competitors and partners are living people from all over the world. And if the basis is a multivariate grid of opportunities for the game, then the moves are made by people, which means that the competitive environment is truly alive. So it turns out that the enterprises in the game are virtual, but people, their relationships and reactions are real.

What gives Virtonomics. Important points.

Business game in real time. The course is done by the participant once a day.

The player himself chooses when it is more convenient for him to enter the on-line strategy, visit his factory, a chain of shops or the airport. The game does not take much time. You can devote a little time to lunch or while standing in a traffic jam, or maybe before going to bed. This does not negatively affect your life, you will also be an excellent family man and a responsible employee.

The freedom of action.

Options for the development of economic events are formed by the actions of players.

Business training.

Acquisition of real invaluable experience. The ability to “fill the bumps” for which in real life will not hurt. Development of own market relations. Checking your business ideas and innovations, improvements and improvements. The game is suitable for any case, whether it’s testing a local strategy or a full-scale company.

Free software.

All the main features in the game are absolutely free. For money, only add-ons to the game are sold.

Work with reports.

Here you will have to learn how to work with detailed production reports, financial reports of the company, city reports on retail sales.