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Back UP a Start-UP!

Dear friends and players, that there were some blog topics regarding start-ups and the scary statistics regarding their survival rate. You see, our team strongly believes, that start-ups are very important, both regarding the influence on economy and technological progress.

Thus after some consideration, brainstorming and planning, we launched our kickstarter campaign Back UP a Start-UP! on You can find the project link here.

In short, the purpose of the project is to create a special High Tech industry company in Virtonomics to simulate a start-up. Also, the core challenges of the company will based on the main reasons why start-ups fail. We believe, that after managing this kind of company on Virtonomics, start-uppers will gain necessary business skills and knowledge to increase the survival rate of their real newly started businesses.

Why is it important that “Back UP a Start-UP!” gets funded? There are a more than couple of reason, but mainly because you can become a part of an initiative with the potential to change the world. Think about the influence of new work places on economic stability (start-ups create the most new jobs), think about ideas that will be implemented and not forgotten. By helping this project you will literally be spearheading the progress.

We will be grateful for any help – financial support, likes and shares.

You can find our project on:

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Thank you and good luck!