Business Simulation Game

Lite franchise agreement

  1. “Lite-franchise “Virtonomics: Entrepreneur” (hereinafter “Lite-franchise”) is the name of a special expanded version of the partner program of the business simulator “Virtonomics: Entrepreneur”. Affiliate program Lite-franchise provides an increased commission income for a business partner.
  2. To gain access to the Lite-franchise, a business partner must pay a Partner fee.
  3. The main function of the business partner is marketing activities related to the popularization of the business simulator “Virtonomics: Entrepreneur”, attracting new users and selling the service
  4. All functions to ensure the full functioning, technical and methodical product development, the formation of marketing, product and pricing strategies, customer support, information and methodological support of business partners, receiving and processing customer payments of the business simulator “Virtonomics: Entrepreneur” are performed by the Operator.
  5. The agency commission of a business partner cooperating with the Operator under the program “Lite franchise” is 50% of the amount of user payments of which the business partner attracted to the business simulator “Virtonomics: Entrepreneur.”
  6. The operator undertakes to provide the business partner with access to the partner’s online account, provide a special unique partner link, provide access to the necessary marketing and methodological materials, as well as financial statistics of the partner.
  7. A business partner can monthly transfer his earned income to his personal PayPal account, or other payment systems specified in the partner cabinet. The transfer of the business partner’s income to his personal account is carried out on the basis of an application from the business partner.
  8. The business partner undertakes to carry out its marketing activities lawfully, without using spam and other prohibited or incorrect methods of attracting customers and stimulating sales.
  9. The Business Partner undertakes not to harm the reputation and brand of the Operator directly or indirectly, and also undertakes to respect and not violate the commercial interests of the Operator. In case of violation by a business partner of the points of this agreement and / or causing reputational or commercial damage to the Operator, the Operator has the right to unilaterally deprive the business partner of the right to use the Light Franchise.
  10. The Operator and Business Partner intend to act and build their business relationships based on the principles of mutual benefit, mutual respect for the interests of the parties, and guided by the principle of “Win-Win”.