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Important game changes

Dear Virtonomics players!

Before the next Virtonomics Birthday, we are announcing several important changes to the game that will happen today and in the near future!

Over the past year, we have made quite a lot of important and useful updates and new features in the game, such as Game statuses, a new convenient Help Desk, multilingualism, a game newspaper, reform of some markets, built new cities, updated and improved many game interfaces, released an application on AppStore, and much more.

And now we want to briefly talk about some of our immediate plans and today’s innovations.

Today we are launching a new interface for the bond market. Meet!

We continue to improve our business model and stimulate the acquisition of Game Statuses so that we can continue to actively develop Virtonomics. To do this, today we are launching a new approach that divides the entire Virtonomics gameplay into Basic and Premium. The core gameplay of Virtonomics is still extensive, available for free to all players, and does not limit gameplay in time. Premium gameplay is available only to holders of monthly Game Statuses and includes such game features as Innovations, Structures, Auctions, Bonds, as well as a number of industries. Let us clarify once again – in order to enjoy the full range of Virtonomics gaming capabilities and premium gameplay, you simply need to have any of the monthly Game Statuses.

When launching the concept of Premium Accounts, we decided to meet all our old players who do not yet have Game Status halfway, and to retain in the assets of their companies those gaming entities that are classified as Premium from today. For example, previously established innovations or business units from premium industries will remain. But the installation of new innovations, construction or purchase of new units from premium industries will be limited from today for players who do not have Game Status. We offer all players to purchase any monthly Game Status.

In the coming months, we plan to carry out significant reform of the service sector.

Also in the coming months, we plan to launch fundamentally new competitive game formats – Virtonomics Competitions. These will be time-limited competitions parallel to the main game. We can say that we are creating a platform for intellectual e-sports based on Virtonomics.