Business Simulation Game

What is the benefit of children’s economic games?

Business games for PC teach non-standard thinking, the ability to analyze situations, quick decision-making and memory development. Special games will allow children to feel like entrepreneurs, learn how to trade on the stock exchange or create a startup without risking real money. Combining play and learning, this tool can become a wonderful educational tool for children of all ages. Even simple games help develop intelligence, logic, figurative thinking and imagination.


What skills do free economy games for children develop? 


The benefit  of children’s economic games is determined by the fact that small businessmen are trained:


  • To spend money more efficiently.
  • To plan their expenses correctly in the long term.
  • To  treat  financial relations responsibly.
  • To show enterprise  and initiative.
  • To explore the world of finance and  to be interested in the latest technologies and concepts.
  • To be able to negotiate and build business relationships. 

Children are taught in a playful way to  manage earned capital and the ability to plan strategies for receiving  funds.