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What is gamification?

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Gamification is the usage of gaming technologies to solve non-gaming  tasks. The usage of online business games today is directly related to gamification. Researches show that hundreds of companies are currently involved in gamification.


Where are business simulation games used?

The main element of gamification is finding ways to motivate people. In marketing and sales, gamification allows you to engage customers with certain products, encourages consumers to visit certain services and sites more often. Gamification is also used   within the organization: this is a great way to motivate employees to work more efficiently, to see more meaning in their work, and to be more innovative. It can also be used outside of business, in social applications, in education, in healthcare and in environmental protection.


A number of large companies have already passed the stage of introducing gamified solutions into their business. Moreover, in contrast to business games,  on the contrary, the computer, or even more precisely, the cloud format of solutions prevails here. Young employees like it, it is familiar and comfortable for them. It is on gamification that the main stakes of  the development of gaming technologies in training and development are today.