Business Simulation Game

What distinguishes a well-made business game?

Business simulation games online for the most part do not differ in
their essence from ordinary computer games. All games have a common “fun” part. It is the
pleasure of the players from the process. There are also two more criteria by which you can
distinguish a good business game from a bad one.
Firstly, the game must be conducive to achieving definite business goals. For example, when
people are taught the rules of occupatoinal safety and fire safety, there are certain tasks within
the game. Let’s say to save people.

Secondly, the atmosphere of the competition. Players receive bonuses in the process. They earn
coins. The competitive moment contributes to the emergence of people’s feelings of excitement,
emotional involvement. The game is addictive. At the same time, plunging into the atmosphere
of adventure, people behave as naturally as possible. At this time, they do not think about the
fact that their supervisor may be standing behind them.

What should be the best business simulator online ?

During an hour and a half session of a good business game, a person lives a certain work
experience, equivalent to a decade of real activity. And emotional involvement plays a key role
in the process of qualitative assimilation of the material. But if the game did not have specific
business goals, and people just relaxed and had fun, then there is no learning effect. Then this is
not a business game, but just a game for fun.