Business Simulation Game

Virtonomics coach – group account for a business coach

Virtonomics Coach is a special account in the Virtonomics business simulator, which allows the business coach to create and manage training groups in the Virtonomics environment during the training.

The coach account provides the coach with the opportunity to create their own business game scripts and conduct these games with an unlimited number of users.

During the game, the coach can distribute roles, functions and tasks between team members, monitor the actions of players, correct them, give feedback and, thus, track the assimilation of theoretical material and the ability to apply it in practice.

Coaching account – is the best solution for conducting one-off training on the basis of Virtonomics business simulation in 1-3 days format, for training groups from 3 to 50 people with an hourly recount of the game situation. Or for long-term educational programs in the format of 2-30 weeks with less intensive dynamics of the educational process. For such programs, the daily recount of the game situation is optimal.

Virtonomics for coach. Features and conditions of use (download presentation)

EXAMPLES of typical trainings that you can carry out now on the basis of Virtonomics Coach:

1. Develop a business model and build an effective sales office.
2. Management of sales in a highly competitive environment
3. Market landing. Training in the basics of marketing, market analysis, planning.

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