Business Simulation Game

Simformer: Platform for corporate training

Business simulations platform Simformer was originally created not just as an exciting and full-scale game about building and developing a business, but also as an effective tool for solving real corporate problems in the field of:

– training of personnel in business management skills (strategic and tactical levels);
– Increase the effectiveness of teamwork,
Development of a systematic approach to management
– development of business planning skills and analysis of the company’s activities,
– developing skills for managing intercultural differences in international companies,
– improving the quality of strategic management
– optimization of key business processes

The ideologist of the project is a businessman who has many years of experience of proven successful management of medium and large companies and understands the needs of real business. As a result, Simformer, as a business development tool, has already been tested and honed on a number of real successful companies.

Simformer business games basically has no linear scenario, allowing the player or his coach to determine their own goals and strategies in the simulation, organically build in the gameplay almost any business case.

This makes it possible for HR directors or corporate training centers to flexibly use the Simformer platform, constructing from its “cubes” any business games and training for business-relevant tasks and scenarios. Top-managers Simformer makes it possible to test in the simulator their ideas and market strategies before realizing them in real life, and also use Simformer as a testing ground and a platform for holding strategic sessions. Our platform allows you to test strategies and hypotheses at thousands of qualified audiences, obtaining a representative feedback on all your actions produced in the simulation.

Simformer provides the HR-director, business coach and company manager with unlimited opportunities for:

  • gaming staff development processes creation and carrying out on the platform of Simformer any business games and training;
  • organization of programs of corporate practice-oriented training;
  • testing of knowledge, skills and behavioral parameters of employees;
  • creation of the personnel reserve

The game is conducted in a step-by-step online mode, which allows you to conduct training and business games at the same time for a large number of employees, without the need to collect them all in one place. This quality makes Simformer a particularly attractive tool for large geographically dispersed companies with many divisions and a wide geography.

Our business simulations today does not have analogues in the world for the scale and depth of the development of business processes, the power of the mathematical apparatus, analytical tools, the number of industries, goods and services presented in the game process.

During the game training, your employees plan the activities of their business or units, analyze the markets and activities of competitors, adjust and optimize processes, compete, cooperate, trade not only with the computer, but with each other. Efficiency of communications and teamwork skills are the most important component of the game process and directly affect the achievement of goals. Everything is like in real life.

Simformer offers several types of solutions for corporate clients:

1. Simformer Enterprise

an optimal solution for large companies with their own training centers and corporate academies. Dedicated and customized “game” space, to which only employees of the company have access + training of internal coach

2. Simformer Coach Account

an optimal solution for small and medium businesses, consulting companies and business coaches. A group account designed to develop or conduct one-off training within the common “gaming” spaces

3. Typical training based on the Simformer business simulation platform

If you are interested in the unique capabilities of the Simformer training platform, write us about your needs and we will offer you the best solution for your business: