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Management – Research and Development

R&D: research, buying technologies and licenses

The technology level of an enterprise (just like the qualification of the employees, equipment, and raw materials) has a huge influence on the production quality and staff efficiency. The technology level can be improved by conducting research in laboratories and buying licenses and technologies.   

Every method has its specific nuances. For example, the process of conducting your research will take time, but eventually, you will be able to implement a new technology or sell it to other participants. Although the purchasing of a license or technology is the fastest way to improve the technology level, you will need to pay for it right away. The licenses normally cost less than technology. However, licenses are implemented only in one enterprise, whereas technologies can be implemented in all enterprises of the same type.

A sample of technology implementation prices of 1, 2, and 3 levels at a pet food factory: 


Example of license purchase application:

Research and Development

Select the required level of technology and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a license.

The competitive application is when the price that you offer does not exceed the given price, not competitive – average market price. In this case, it can be any price, but the purchase opportunity increases.

The applications are processed during the game update.  


If you want to conduct your research, first, you need to open a laboratory, hire adequately qualified scientists, and purchase equipment of appropriate quality. The larger the laboratory is, the higher the level of technology that can be developed.

There are three stages of research:

  • Initial hypothesis.
  • Hypothesis processing — select the hypothesis, which will be tested.
  • Technical testing.

Each stage can take several game turns. The invented technologies can be implemented in your enterprises or sold in the form of usage licenses to other participants.

Purchasing of a license

To buy a license click on the «Technologies» tab in the enterprise, the technology level of which has to increase. The licenses can be purchased at auctions.

Purchasing of a technology

Click on the «Technologies» tab in the enterprise of your interest. The buying of technologies is not complicated — just select the needed technology and pay the technology and its implementation price.