Business Simulation Game

Management – Human Resources

HR management

Your employees work on oil rigs, factory machines, offices, stores, laundry services, hair salons. In order to manage your employees, go to «Employees and salary» on the main page of the enterprise. 

Key factors in HR management:

  • The required number of employees depends on the size of the enterprise, the number of equipment units.   The system will give hints on the number of required employees. 
  • The required qualification depends on the education level in the city and the equipment level: the higher the technological level of the equipment is, the more qualified employees are required. 
  • The salary should be based on the city average and the required skills.  

If you manage a huge international corporation, you will find the automated HR management function very useful.  It will save your time, by adjusting the salary every game turn based on the qualification and technological requirements.  

Human resources management

The location and qualification of your employees

If you plan to develop high-tech industries, or conduct research, it is rational to establish such enterprises in the cities with high educational levels. The information on  the education level of the city can be found by clicking on «Analytics» / «Macroeconomics». In the «World map» tab select the region or the country of your interest. It will show the list of cities, the information on the population, average salary, education level, wealth index, demographic situation. 

Types of enterprises and salary 

Just like in real life, low qualified employees earn less money, whereas jobs that require the employees to be highly-qualified are normally very well-paid.

For farms and plantations the required salary is only 50% of the city average, for manufacturing – 70%, service sector and stores are equal to the average salary on the market, office employees – 150%, power plant employees – 250%. The employees of laboratories and medical centers earn the most: the salaries are 4 times higher than the city average.

Employee training and development

Try to implement different HR management strategies in your businesses. For instance, you can hire employees that would work for the average city salary, but you will be able to raise their qualification by incorporating employee training.