Business Simulation Game

Enterprises – Office

How to open and close subdivisions

In order to open a new subdivision click on the link with the same name on your company’s homepage: 

buy or build subdivisions

In order to close the subdivision, click on the link of the same name on the subdivision’s homepage: 

Business unit

The construction period

Bear in mind that the opening of some particular subdivisions may take some time (more than one game turn). A small consumer goods factory can be built in one or two game turns. The building of a huge technology factory, however, will take place during more than 10 game turns.

Offices and stores can be opened during one game turn.

The importance of the office and its efficiency

To open a subdivision in any geographical location, first, you need to open an office in that area. This will be the main headquarters, where the management team is working. Similar to stores, it does not take time (game turns) to build an office. You will be able to open your office during one game turn. Bear in mind that offices in Virtonomics do not generate any profit, since they do not produce or sell anything. Please, take into consideration such factors as the education level of the population (the employees have to be appropriately qualified), average city salary, and rent prices. 

Head office

Office management

The homepage of your office:

«Employees and salary» for hiring employees to your office.

«Equipment» и «Automatic repair» for buying, repairing, or removing computers.

«Change size» for changing the size and location of your office.

Your office has to operate at a maximum efficiency level. It depends on the following factors:

  • Your employees’ efficiency — the qualification of your staff cannot be lower than the city average and lower than the requirements of the job.  
  • The quality and condition of computers— each employee has to be provided with a computer. The higher the quality of the computers is, the more qualified your employees should be. Pay attention to the tear and wear condition of your computers: outdated computers have a negative impact on the efficiency of your office. 
  • The efficiency of a top manager (you and other participants) — the qualification level of the user in «Management» (see «My company» > «Top-manager»

The high-efficiency level of your office has a positive impact on the efficiency of all your subdivisions in the region. 

Selecting the location and size of subdivisions

In order to change the location and size of your enterprise, use the functions of the same name on the homepage of your enterprise. 

An example of how to select the location and size of the factory: (the same as for the offices, laboratories, etc.):

Office size

An example of how to select the location and size of the store: 

Store location

Factories are built to manufacture something out of raw materials. You can deliver the finished goods to your stores or the stores of other participants.  Your finished goods, in turn, can be used as raw materials, parts, or accessories for other manufacturers. Naturally, you can sell your finished goods not only to stores but to the factories as well (yours and other participants). The same is true with raw materials — you can deliver them to your factories and the factories of other users. 

There is a big choice of factories and industries. There are 60+ types of industries in Virtonomics Classic. Given the fact that the finished goods may vary depending on the specialization and type, the selection of factories is very broad. 

The location of the office matters

The location is very important in case the subdivisions cater to customers (stores, restaurants, medical centers, etc.).

The location is also important for factories, laboratories, offices, and warehouses. Bear in mind the transport expenses. If the factory is located in New York and you sell products in Los Angeles, this significantly increases the price of the product.

Another important factor: the development of high-technology factories and research and development laboratories requires highly qualified staff. Highly qualified employees can be recruited in the cities with high education levels.

There are a number of subdivisions (mines, fishing bases), the location of which is pre-selected by the system.