Business Simulation Game

Enterprises – Mines and power plants


Mining  allows the  controlling of the initial stage of raw material production.  А, consequently, its quality and  prime costs. Natural resources can be either sold to other participants of the simulation or delivered to your own factories. 

Mines management

In general, the functionality of mining and power plant enterprises resembles the production. There is production (mining), sales, technologies, general management staff, equipment, etc.).

The difference is that mining is tied to a particular location: it is impossible to extract oil in Berlin, for instance. Also, do not forget to open your office in the region where the mining will be carried out. You will not be able to manage the mines or quarry without it.

Another difference is the purchase cost of mineral fields. Initially, all fields are in state -owned. So you will have to invest a lot of money to establish them. But they will pay off big time as mining is a very profitable business.

Power industry

is a specific type of business in the simulation. It is rational to open power plants only in the case if there is a lot of time devoted to the simulation ( long-term study course, for example).  You can control the quality of the raw materials (oil, coal) if you own a huge manufacturing empire that is able to process all that.

Example of the oil-fired power plant functionality:  


It takes from 7 to 100 game turns to build a power plant. That is why there are available only in Classic format. There are three types of power plants: incinerators, coal-fired power plants and oil-fired power plants.