Business Simulation Game

How does the simulator any business work?

Economic simulation games online appeared a long time ago, and they were based on the principles worked out in other computer games. In particular, from strategies, since it is in them that we manage the  development  process our team, clan or race. The success of almost any mission in strategy lies in the competent management of all the processes of the game, namely, the extraction of minerals, the construction of buildings, the withdrawal of troops, etc. All events take place in virtual time, and this factor plays an extremely important role.


Economy simulation games : features 


Imagine that instead of virtual objects of a strategic game, you will have your business with all its features on your computer. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what kind of business it is – production, flower delivery or, for example, an online store. Your business will be fully described in a simulation environment,  and  it will  be  possible to play it just like a computer strategy.


This approach allows you to see all the problem areas in the business in advance,  to test its resistance to various negative factors: the decline of customers (during the quarantine period – this is especially important) or disruptions in the supply of products. Simulation allows you to calculate solutions in advance to get out of difficult situations.