Business Simulation Game

Educational business games

In recent years, educational business games are in great demand in various fields, including sociology, administration, management, urban planning and so on.

The reasons for such great popularity are abundant: first of all, it should be noted that educational business games for managers, economists, historians, administrators, sociologists can also be considered as one of the ways of communication between specialists of different directions.

At the same time for business games of different directions is characterized by its own terminological dictionary. For example, business games are usually called economic games. If we are talking about the area of ​​urban planning, about the sphere of politics, then the name is usually used – imitation games. In any case, the basis of such games is a certain model, the implementation of which depends on the actions of the participants, playing different situations, performing certain actions, learning the necessary skills in this way. However, about everything in order …

Examples of educational business games

If you do not clearly understand what a business game is, the examples will help you form a clearer picture in your head.

An example of a simple business game you can think of yourself. First of all, it is necessary to start from the task that must be solved after the game is over. If you want, for example, to develop the communication skills of the participants in the game, you need to get a team of several people to do some work that requires interaction, coherence. This can be, for example, the construction of a tower of paper.

It is clear that the simplest scenario is given above. Modern business people, the game for which is a habitual way to develop certain skills, prefer to implement more complex scenarios, especially since there are a lot of such scenarios – just look at the Internet, enter into the search engine a corresponding query, for example – a business game business.

Business game scenarios

Conducting business games is one of the most effective tools for training high-class specialists in the West. Western consulting agencies often use scenario business games as one of the types of development consulting for companies. Typically, the scenarios of such games are situations – past, possible, or actual, that must be beaten, and as a result, there are recurring errors, the causes that cause them, the most promising, the right ways to develop the company. A business game, the script of which is designed competently, is an excellent tool for large companies that want to always remain in leadership positions, taking into account changes in the external environment.

Scenarios of business games are worked out with the expectation that the participants of the game as a result could form an organizational management culture – this will allow specialists to successfully combine scientific methods of development of the company with practical methods of administration.

In this case, any scenario of a business game usually includes three stages:

1. Participants of the game get acquainted with the goals, conditions and tasks of the game. There is also a briefing on the procedure for this game;

2. Participants are divided into different role groups, and each group is assigned specific tasks;

3. After the game is finished, the analysis of the actions, mistakes and victories of the participants, evaluation of the game process itself, conclusions are made.

All of the above points allow participants in the game to realize what actions can lead to failures, how to behave in order to achieve the desired result.

Conducting business games

If business management games are more in demand in the USA, then in Europe the training are still highly trusted, which, incidentally, often includes simple business games. However, the situation is already beginning to change, and the demand for business games as an independent development tool is growing. More and more domestic consulting agencies are developing their own game scenarios, allowing participants in games to receive and develop certain skills.

Do you want to improve such a skill as business communication? The game will not only be convenient, but also a very effective tool for getting what you want. However, the results of players are not limited to the development of one skill, achievements in a narrow area, but usually the results are more extensive, multifaceted.

The Internet played an important role in the popularization of business games, with every year there are more and more business games designed for virtual participation. Thus, today, practically everyone has an opportunity to take part in the game – it is enough to have access to the Internet and desire.