Business Simulation Game

Simformer: Corporate online training platform

The corporate practice-oriented training platform is based on the global multi-user business simulations Simformer and is intended for business schools, large companies with their own corporate training centers, universities, consulting companies.

Simformer Enterprise is a universal business simulation online platform on the basis of which the training center can develop and conduct business games and business training of the widest range of topics for middle and senior management. Both in the internal format, and remotely. That is especially important for worldwide distributed companies.

Simformer Enterprise is a flexible and versatile platform that solves most of the tasks of corporate users in the field of personnel development:

– Development and conducting of training and business games.
– Development and implementation of long-term training courses
– Holding strategic sessions
– Evaluation and testing of staff competencies, assessment of the formation of the personnel reserve
– Development and implementation of programs to develop specific skills and managerial competences of employees
– Increase the efficiency of group work, interfunctional interactions
– All this is based on a single simulation platform and online.

Key Features and Benefits of the Simformer Enterprise Simulation Training Platform

ADAPTIVITY. The platform is easily customizable to any requirements of the corporate client (industries, products, business processes, brands, ..)

FLEXIBILITY AND UNIVERSALITY. The platform allows you to conduct business training on almost any topic – from business planning skills to assortment management, any duration – from one day to a year, with any user load dynamics – from 30 minutes to 10 hours a day, full-time and remote, synchronous and assynchronous, individual and group (up to several thousand users at a time).

EFFICIENCY AND PRACTICALITY. Training, business games, training courses are based on realistic multi-user business simulation, which allows users to immediately turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills, immediately in practice to test and apply the ideas, concepts, and strategies received.

CUSTOMIZATION, settings and installation is very quick – within a month.

ONLINE user mode in the simulation provides the opportunity to conduct training and education remotely, significantly minimizing the financial and organizational costs

FUNCTIONALITY Business simulations Simformer – hundreds of industries, goods, services, business processes, management functions, analytical reports and the absence of a single scenario. This gives an unlimited number of degrees of freedom for designing training courses and conducting any type of training

SIMPLICITY of designing and conducting training and business games. To develop and conduct your business game or training, you just need to think through and describe the scenario. It’s all. Next, you simply lead a training group in the Simformers space according to your scenario, coordinating and analyzing its actions using Simformer’ built-in analytical and communicative tools

PARALLELISM. At one time on a single simulation server, Simformer Enterprise can run in parallel any number of different trainings, training and other processes with any total number of users.

POWERFUL ANALYTICAL TOOLS. Simformer generates a lot of analytical reports in almost any slices of the business user’s business simulation

EFFICIENCY. Training is effective when a person receives not just knowledge, but also practical skills of managing a company, division or business process. Our business games is made specifically for training practical management skills.

Development of skills for effective GROUPING INTERACTION is one of the most important unique features of the Simformer business simulator

What is included in the basic delivery of the Simformer Enterprise platform:

  • Dedicated virtual game server. This is a separate gaming space to which only users of your organization can access
    Basic customization (customization) of the game space for the customer – industry, geography, products, brands, basic business processes
  • The training of your coach, the head of the training center. The course “Effective use of the Simformer platform
  • Simformer Coach Account. The tool allows to organize to coordinate any group activity of users in the simulation.
  • Reference material on technologies and methods for developing business games, training and courses based on Simformer