Business Simulation Game

Changing auction rules

Dear players!

From January 26, 2024, some changes are being made to the rules and mechanism of auction trading.

The main differences of the new rules:

– after the end of the main trading time, each bid extends the trading by 15 minutes from the date it was made (there are no fixed 30-minute periods that were previously);

– during the 15 minutes for which trading is postponed in case of extension, bids are accepted only for 14 minutes (at the last minute, trading is concluded and data is synchronized in different databases);

– trading is suspended only while the game situation is being updated. If, as a result of the next extension, the end of trading occurs during a update, then the time for summing up the results is postponed by 1 hour from the end of the update (long pauses in the trading schedule have been cancelled).

In the near future, we will launch a number of game auctions to debug the bidding system.
We are also planning to launch regular auctions in automatic mode.

We hope the changes will make auctions more fair, interesting and attractive!