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"American pilots began training on flight simulators in the 1970s. This method proved to be cheaper and often more effective than real training flights. Especially in the early stages of training, when the risk of making a fatal mistake and crashing is high. In the same way, today you can practice creating and developing your company with the help of Virtonomics business simulation."
Pavel DurovThe founder of Telegram
Pavel Durov
The founder of Telegram
A year ago, I decided that I was going to open my own small retail business. However, it was very frightening; I didn’t have any entrepreneurial experience or company management skills. I took several business courses and training seminars, but my questions and concerns only grew. My friends then advised me to try my hand at the startup simulator ‘Entrepreneur”. At first, I was skeptical; what can a game teach me? However, now I know for sure that this is the most effective way of practical training for entrepreneurs, and is certainly a fantastic tool for novice businessmen! It’s honestly a very realistic business simulator, with a huge amount of detail when it comes to business processes. This allows entrepreneurs to develop their practical skills regarding the process of managing and growing a startup. Without risking my capital, I was able to experiment with running a virtual company, while testing and improving my business model. The business simulator saved me from many failures in the real world, and it stopped me worrying about losing my investment. Six months later, I opened my first store, my investment was returned and I made a profit. Thanks Virtonomics!
Alex, 27 years old Startup simulator Entrepreneur - Alex review
I’ve been playing the economics game ‘Mafia Manager’ for about a year now. This is truly one of the coolest and most unusual strategy multiplayer free games about the economy and the unwritten rules of the corporate world. The game offers a combination of tough economic strategy, company management puzzles and a varied PvP arsenal. The game is in no way short of industrial espionage and political intrigues. I ended up creating my own mafia clan and engaged in market wars with my competitors! In just a few months, I built a powerful corporation from scratch, I captured markets and companies from a dozen different tycoons, and even became president of a virtual state. My emotions from playing in this world are difficult to describe; you’ll have to give it a go yourself and understand that sweet feeling of victory. :)
Max Economic game Business and Mafia: Max review
I’ve been playing free tycoon game Virtonomics on and off for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex games about the economy, I’m constantly searching and trying different business simulation games for my students; good ones are hard to come by, I must be honest. Having said that, no business game I found managed to get even close to Virtonomics in terms of realism, variety and interesting gameplay. This economic game is constantly being developed and improved. It is as diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here, you can develop your economics, entrepreneurship, company management skills, finances, marketing, decision making, politics, market research, R&D, creativity, all while engaging with a really friendly community. This tycoon game is a slow turn-based browsing business simulator for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although, we are a passionate bunch to be honest. Give it a try!
Mary, 34 years old Business simulation game Virtonomics Tycoon - Mary review
Compete against other players
Compete against other players
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Go for farming and agriculture
Go for farming and agriculture
Research and benefit from technology
Research and benefit from technology
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Become a politician
Become a politician
Virtonomics is a series of multi-user business games about economics, company management, entrepreneurship, competition, finance, marketing, sales, production, innovation, startup development, new technologies, etc.

Startup simulator "Entrepreneur"

This is a serious business simulation game designed for the practical training of novice entrepreneurs and start-up management teams. The main purpose of this business game is to simulate a realistic market environment. As a result, an entrepreneur can create a virtual prototype of his or her future company, develop and improve managerial and entrepreneurial skills, and gain experience in surviving and developing a business in a competitive environment, making all the typical mistakes without the risk of losing real capital. Do you have an idea and the desire to start your own business? Maybe you’re already the founder of a startup, but you lack the necessary knowledge and experience. If you want to protect yourself and your company from making typical mistakes in the growth phase - you need to try "Virtonomics Entrepreneur". If you want to test certain market strategies or economic models while improving your business management skills, you’ll want to do it in a realistic startup simulation.

Free tycoon game "Mafia Manager"

This browser-based tycoon game with PvP features is designed for true connoisseurs of hardcore free business games involving espionage and the mafia! Feel the wealth of gameplay possibilities at your fingertips. With over 200 different industries for your company, dozens of countries where you can create your own political party and become a governor or president, the option to have your own secret service, and the ability to cooperate with other players, this game is well worth the investment. Not only that, but you’ll also gain access to a powerful PvP combat arsenal to either attack competitors or protect their interests. Form alliances, organize your Mafia clan, master corporate espionage, engage in competitive warfare, change the economy, create your monopoly, and walk the razor’s edge - you are in control.

Economics game "Business Tycoon"

This economy game aims to build a globally efficient company in a difficult and competitive environment. You’ll receive start-up capital and the opportunity to develop your virtual company in any way you want. Get acquainted with a huge world, its vast geography, dozens of industries, hundreds of products, and thousands of competitors! The uniqueness of this economics game lies in its versatility and the complete freedom it offers you. You can manage shops and factories, become an agricultural or industrial magnate, and even become the governor or president of a country. You can also focus on technological or scientific research, urban planning, political races, or public administration. The possibilities are endless! Free to play.

Basic concepts of Virtonomics business games.

Virtonomics is a realistic economy simulation.

Virtonomics is unlike any other tycoon games you have ever played in your life. It’s not just another casual tycoon game about growing cucumbers on a virtual farm :) It’s quite difficult to get started, but an incredibly deep, addictive game that many players keep playing for years. We try to strike a difficult balance between realism and playability, between depth and clarity, and between usefulness and fascination. Put in a little effort at the beginning to learn the basics of the game, and you won’t be able to stop playing for years!

Turn-based strategy economy game.

This means that the entire game consists of a series of rounds. During each round, you make various management decisions and take the actions necessary to grow your business. For example, you buy goods and equipment, hire and train employees, set prices for your product, launch advertising campaigns, research new technologies, create or buy new enterprises, and so on. In some cases, you will see the results of your actions immediately (e.g. purchasing equipment or hiring employees), in other cases, the results will become visible in the next round, after an “update” of the game situation. Each game round lasts 1 day. Therefore, you can enter the game at any time during the day that is convenient for you, without having to worry about missing important events.

Game situation update.

Each round ends with a process of updating the game situation, during which the game server calculates the actions and transactions of all players, calculates their results, and updates the state of the virtual economy. The game situation is updated once a day, it always starts at the same time and usually takes about 1-2 hours. The timer shows the time left until the end of the current round and the start of the process of updating the game situation. After the update is completed, the next round immediately begins.

Playing duration.

You can play this economy game for an unlimited time, you are not limited by the number of game rounds. The virtual economy lives indefinitely. It is created by the actions of thousands of players and their virtual companies.

Multiplayer tycoon game.

This means that in a virtual economic environment, you interact not only with game algorithms and bots but also with thousands of live players. Some of them will be your suppliers and partners, some of them will be buyers, and some of them will be competitors. The basic principles of running and developing your business are the same as in real life.

Free business game scenario.

This means that in Virtonomics there is no specific consistent and correct scenario of actions. Only you determine the trajectory of your game, develop a strategy for your company, and choose promising market niches and industries that are interesting for you. Just like in real life and real business, everything depends on you and the opportunities the market offers.

"Sandbox" for beginners.

In the beginning, each player starts with a small company that he or she inherited from a beloved uncle from Sweden. All new players have the same initial company structure. This is a kind of "sandbox" that allows you to quickly understand the main features of the game and experiment in a friendly market. After you have mastered the basics of the gameplay and made the inevitable first mistakes, you can always restart the game with an "uncle’s gift" or start from scratch in any market and industry that interests you.

Economy simulation model.

The game’s economic model is based on the most advanced stochastic modeling methods, the use of big data, and the results of the actions of hundreds of thousands of players. The behavior of the virtual economy and the dynamics of industries and markets in our simulation is formed and changed as a result of the actions and behavior of many players who build their virtual companies and interact with each other. Such an economic model is as realistic as possible and close to the behavior of markets in real life.

Virtonomics_ Ent-business-model-for-ranchisee-EN

Create your dream company and become a tycoon!