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Startup simulator: entrepreneurship and management challenge
"US pilots started to hone their skills on flight simulators as early as in the 1970s. It proved to be cheaper and in some cases more effective than training sorties. Today, anyone can get the basics of driving by auto simulators or learn to build a company in Virtonomics business simulation game."
Pavel DurovThe founder of Telegram
Pavel Durov
The founder of Telegram
I tried Entrepreneur. Hands down, the most effective and useful business simulation for beginning entrepreneurs! I went through several different trainings, but only VE helped me to fight my fears of starting, saved me from a heap of fatal failures in my first startup, and helped me avoid investment losses. I managed to get real profit in half a year! Thank you!
Alex, 27 years old Alex
I’ve been waging war in BizWar for over six months - it really is one hellova game. What you get here is a combo of a severe economic strategy and a completely fierce PvP arsenal - from industrial espionage to fierce mafia showdowns. In last two 2 months I overturned and seized markets from a dozen of tough oligarchs! A feeling words will not describe, gotta do it to understand :)
Max Max
I’ve been playing Virtonomics for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex economy games, I constantly search and try simulations for my students, even though they appear on internet quite rarely. But no game managed to get at least close to Virtonomics in realism, variations and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly developing and improving, it is diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here you can find economy, entrepreneurship, company management, finances, marketing, decisions making, politics, market research, R&D, creativity, and a very cool community. Tycoon is a game for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although we often have a lot of passion here :) Join now!
Mary, 34 years old Mary

Compete against other players
Compete against other players
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Go for farming and agriculture
Go for farming and agriculture
Research and benefit from technology
Research and benefit from technology
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Become a politician
Become a politician

Virtonomics Business Games

This is a series of entertaining and educational games about
economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, competition, company management,..

Startup simulator
"Virtonomics Entrepreneur"

This is a serious educational online game designed for practical training for novice entrepreneurs. The main purpose of a startup simulator is to simulate a realistic market environment in which an entrepreneur can create a virtual prototype of his future company, can improve his managerial and entrepreneurial skills, gain experience of survival and business development in a competitive environment, make all the typical mistakes without the risk of losing for your capital

Do you have an idea and desire to start your business, or are you already the founder of a startup, but you lack knowledge and experience? If you need to protect yourself and your company from making typical mistakes at the growth stage - you need an “Virtonomics Entrepreneur”. If you want to test the market strategy or economy models, do it in a realistic startup simulation.

Economic strategy game
"Business Wars"

This browser-based strategy online game with PvP features is designed for true connoisseurs of hardcore economic strategy games involving spies and mafias! The widest arsenal of gaming opportunities - more than 200 different industries for your corporation; dozens of countries where you can create your own political party and become governor or president; own secret service; the possibility of cooperation with other players to create a corporation or a mafia clan. Powerful combat PvP arsenal to attack competitors and protect their interests.

Join to alliances, organize your mafia, master industrial espionage, engage in competitive wars, create a monopoly and walk on the razor’s edge.

Business game
"Virtonomics Tycoon"

The goal of this economic online game is to build a global and efficient business in a competitive environment. You get start-up capital and develop your virtual company in your own scenario. Huge world, vast geography, dozens of industries, hundreds of products, thousands competitors!

The uniqueness of this economy simulation in its versatility and your complete freedom of action. You can manage stores and factories, you can become an agricultural or industrial magnate, tycoon, governor or president of the country. Also you can focus on high technology or scientific research, urban planning, political struggle and public administration. Your possibilities are endless!

Information is becoming the most valuable asset.

People set challenging goals for themselves and achieve them, while in the process they are accumulating experience and improving their talents. There’s an upward intellectual trend in global community, that’s constantly hungry for clever media sources. Popular video authors are mostly driven by the idea of enlightening the masses with interesting and useful information, popularising science and in the process of doing so changing the the industry for the better. Nowadays everyone strives to produce materials that are smart, unique and fun.

In the past years a niche of economic games has been rapidly gaining public interest, with an increasing amount of users looking for a way to devote their time in exchange for benefits, that will help them overcome challenges it their everyday lives. Fortunately, we have managed to combine all the necessary elements into Virtonomics – it’s a very well balanced resource both for learning and having fun in the process. The most distinctive feature of Virtonomics, is that we only provide the framework for users where they are creating and developing virtual markets.  A simulated economy, that is fully dependant on actions of it’s participants.

Virtonomics is an economic business simulator online.

Players receive a starting capital and their further success depends solely on their in-game actions. There is a massive variety of industries they can choose from, with an even bigger diversity of possible enterprises. After a player picks his niche, he has to constantly keep investigating the market, in order to rise to the top and stay there. Competitive nature of Virtonomics, constantly keeps players on the edge. They have to invest in marketing, hire, train and manage employees, improve the quality of their produce, pick the right partners and satisfy their clients. On top of that – taxes and the political situation of their country is a big influence to the business. Every player has an option to pursue a career in politics, when they reach a certain level. The in-game choices are endless. Each playthrough in unique and satisfying.

The best thing about Virtonomics is it’s community, composed of businessmen, students and overall smart people.

Although the competition is high – players are extremely helpful, social and eager to share their competence. There are many resources a new player can employ in order to get on the right track – forums, wiki’s, help files, guides, videos etc. The only thing required is determination to become the best.

List of the best business games

More than half of Virtonomics players in real life are active entrepreneurs, managers from completely different industries.

Many of them are your potential partners for your real business. Use Virtonomics to establish useful business connections and contacts. In the gaming environment, the distance is reduced to zero.

Product Placement in the Virtonomics business game:

Franchise. Entering a game of a new product or service under your brand. Players produce it in their factories (more than 70% of players are involved in the production) and retail (retail covers up to 95% of the players’ audience). Players receive a product that will become part of their business.

In addition, to support the promotion of the brand in the game can be introduced by the company-carrier of the trademark, manufacturing or trading products.

In addition, the game can be introduced branded gaming innovations – “improve” the business. They can help hire qualified virtual personnel, install modern equipment in the office or production, raise the quality of products, provide insurance of risks and much more. Such innovations can bear the name of your company.

Auction your products. The mechanism of the auction is realized in the game process. You can sell your real product to game users.

Game cases, missions, competitions. In Virtonomics, you have a lot of opportunities to encourage players to interact with your brand. One of the effective ways – cases and missions. The simplest example is that each player who has sold 1000 units of your products in their virtual stores receives game bonuses. Variants of scenarios of stimulating cases can be mass, we are ready to develop them individually for you.

Your Corporation in Virtonomics is a complete solution. In our opinion, the most ideal from the point of view of efficiency is the complex solution – the creation in the game space of your own corporation with your brand, which produces and sells in the game goods and services under your Brand Name, and uses all the tools described above for your representation in Virtonomics.

Find virtual partners for your business in Virtonomics

Virtonomics is also an ideal platform for testing your new marketing concepts and promotional messages. You can independently place your advertisements in the Virtonomics banner network and get instant feedback.

We are ready individually for you to develop a comprehensive effective program for integrating your Company, Product, Brand into the Virtonomics business simulator.


The corporate practice-oriented training platform is based on the global multi-user business simulations Simformer and is intended for business schools, large companies with their own corporate training centers, universities, consulting companies.

Simformer Enterprise is a universal business simulation online platform on the basis of which the training center can develop and conduct business games and business training of the widest range of topics for middle and senior management. Both in the internal format, and remotely. That is especially important for worldwide distributed companies.

Simformer Enterprise is a flexible and versatile platform that solves most of the tasks of corporate users in the field of personnel development:

– Development and conducting of training and business games.
– Development and implementation of long-term training courses
– Holding strategic sessions
– Evaluation and testing of staff competencies, assessment of the formation of the personnel reserve
– Development and implementation of programs to develop specific skills and managerial competences of employees
– Increase the efficiency of group work, interfunctional interactions
– All this is based on a single simulation platform and online.

Key Features and Benefits of the Simformer Enterprise Simulation Training Platform

ADAPTIVITY. The platform is easily customizable to any requirements of the corporate client (industries, products, business processes, brands, ..)

FLEXIBILITY AND UNIVERSALITY. The platform allows you to conduct business training on almost any topic – from business planning skills to assortment management, any duration – from one day to a year, with any user load dynamics – from 30 minutes to 10 hours a day, full-time and remote, synchronous and assynchronous, individual and group (up to several thousand users at a time).

EFFICIENCY AND PRACTICALITY. Training, business games, training courses are based on realistic multi-user business simulation, which allows users to immediately turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills, immediately in practice to test and apply the ideas, concepts, and strategies received.

CUSTOMIZATION, settings and installation is very quick – within a month.

ONLINE user mode in the simulation provides the opportunity to conduct training and education remotely, significantly minimizing the financial and organizational costs

FUNCTIONALITY Business simulations Simformer – hundreds of industries, goods, services, business processes, management functions, analytical reports and the absence of a single scenario. This gives an unlimited number of degrees of freedom for designing training courses and conducting any type of training

SIMPLICITY of designing and conducting training and business games. To develop and conduct your business game or training, you just need to think through and describe the scenario. It’s all. Next, you simply lead a training group in the Simformers space according to your scenario, coordinating and analyzing its actions using Simformer’ built-in analytical and communicative tools

PARALLELISM. At one time on a single simulation server, Simformer Enterprise can run in parallel any number of different trainings, training and other processes with any total number of users.

POWERFUL ANALYTICAL TOOLS. Simformer generates a lot of analytical reports in almost any slices of the business user’s business simulation

EFFICIENCY. Training is effective when a person receives not just knowledge, but also practical skills of managing a company, division or business process. Our business games is made specifically for training practical management skills.

Development of skills for effective GROUPING INTERACTION is one of the most important unique features of the Simformer business simulator

What is included in the basic delivery of the Simformer Enterprise platform:

  • Dedicated virtual game server. This is a separate gaming space to which only users of your organization can access
    Basic customization (customization) of the game space for the customer – industry, geography, products, brands, basic business processes
  • The training of your coach, the head of the training center. The course “Effective use of the Simformer platform
  • Simformer Coach Account. The tool allows to organize to coordinate any group activity of users in the simulation.
  • Reference material on technologies and methods for developing business games, training and courses based on Simformer


Corporate Universities and Business Schools this makes it possible to flexibly use the Virtonomics platform for training of students and business skills improvement.

The virtual simulator Virtonomics was originally created not just as an exciting strategic online game, but also as an effective tool for solving real corporate tasks in the field of personnel training, increasing the effectiveness of teamwork, developing a systematic approach to management and planning skills, and improving the quality of strategic management.

Virtonomics does not have a linear scenario, allowing the player or his coach to determine their own business goals and strategies, organically build into the gameplay virtually any case.

Corporate Universities and Business Schools this makes it possible to flexibly use the Virtonomics platform, constructing from its “cubes” any business games and training for actual tasks and scenarios. For top managers, this enables you to test your ideas and market strategies in the simulator before realizing them in real life.

With a thoughtful and creative approach, Virtonomics provides unlimited opportunities for the business coach and HR director to:

  • creation and carrying out on the platform of Virtonomics any business games and trainings;
  • organization of corporate training programs;
  • testing of employees;
  • creation of the personnel reserve.

The game is played online, which allows you to conduct trainings and business games simultaneously for a large number of employees, without the need to collect them all in one place. This quality makes Virtonomics a particularly attractive tool for large geographically dispersed companies with many divisions and a wide geography.

Economic simulator Virtonomics today does not have analogues in the world in terms of the scale and depth of the development of business processes, the power of the mathematical apparatus, analytical tools, the number of industries, goods and services represented in the game process. This is really a powerful educational and test platform for your:

  • corporate university,
  • business schools,
  • HR-Department

Users play, configure and optimize processes, compete, cooperate, trade not with the computer, but with each other. Efficiency of communications and teamwork skills are the most important component of the game process, and directly affect the achievement of your goals. Everything is like in real life.

In Virtonomics today more than 1 000 000 users are registered, it is translated into Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Ukrainian. About 35% of Virtonomics users are English-speaking, which will allow you to train employees not only with the intricacies of management, but also with foreign business vocabulary. Business English in the era of globalization is relevant for employees of virtually any company, from start-ups to large international corporations.

The game situation changes 1 time per day without requiring the user daily a large amount of time, which makes it possible to train staff, conduct training and business games remotely and without interruption.

Our solutions for corporate customers:

  • Virtonomics Enterprise
    (the optimal solution for large companies, corporate universities, business schools)
  • Coach account
    (the optimal solution for small and medium businesses, consulting companies, business coaches, educational institutions)

Coaching account – this is a special account in the business simulator Virtonomics, which allows you to create and manage training groups during the training.

The coach account provides the coach with the opportunity to create their own business game scripts and conduct these games with an unlimited number of users.

During the game, the coach can monitor the actions of players, adjust them, give feedback and, thus, track the assimilation of theoretical material and the ability to apply it in practice.

If you want to try out the functionality of the coaching account, please write to us. We will be glad to receive your letters, questions and suggestions.

Vilnius, May 22nd. On May 19, 2015, Virtonomics hosted the 1st ever Baltic conference: “Improving Study processes by integrating business simulations”

organized by the Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovations. The conference was held at the National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Center in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event showcased the value, economic impact, and contribution of Virtonomics to education.

The key note speakers talked about  the impact of gamification and business simulations on education.

The goal of the event was to present the implementation results of an online business simulation powered by Virtonomics into the course of Quality Management taught at Vilnius University. The participants – students, educators and simulation developers – presented their virtual and practical experience gained during the project.

The uniqueness of Virtonomics’ business game was showcased s to the educators.

The game’s virtual economy was unveiled as its key distinguishing feature.  The economy that is not computer simulated, but rather created by its players.  As in real life, players venture into Retail, High Tech, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Medicine, etc. and  choose their own business goals, strategies and tactics. The purpose of the game is to create a profitable and competitive business. Each player receives a starting capital, which can be used to develop a virtual company according to their own unique scenario.

Additionally, the corporate education and training  online platform Simformer was presented to the audience. Namely, the possibility do develop courses for international digital market.
Both the presentations of Simformer and Virtonomics combined with a sample business simulation impressed the audience – educators from Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Siauliai College, and Social Science College.

About Virtonomics and Simformer

Virtonomics is a strategic online business game that gathers over 3 million players worldwide. The game unifies multitiered business and company management simulation (17 interconnected main business processes, 141 subsidiaries), multidimensional global business simulation (25 industries, 203 products to produce, 33 countries, 300 cities), social simulation and virtual economy. Virtonomics is an unparalleled online environment for individuals to develop business orientated hard and soft skills, communicate, make connections, and have fun.

Simformer is a unique platform based on Virtonomics, which provides opportunities to develop serious business games, simulations, e-learning courses and trainings for both businesses and academics.

Vienna, April 29th. The 2nd Annual Gamification in HR Summit was held on 27-29 April 2015, at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna.

The event was organized by the HR industry and for the HR industry, based on the expertise of Expert Advisory Board and Speaker Faculty Members. During this event, gamification gurus, thought-leaders and senior-level HR practitioners with the gamification mindset presented the most recent developments in the applied use of game design techniques and game mechanics throughout the entire employee life-cycle. The topics as how to challenge the HR status quo and rethink gamification’s impact on talent attraction, smart employer branding, on-boarding, learning and development, employee engagement were discussed.

All the representatives from Business or Expert Advisory Board had a chance to meet Virtonomics team and to learn more about the uniqueness of the platform. The virtual economy was presented to the audience as the main distinguishing feature.  The exclusivity of economy that it’s not being simulated automatically, but rather formulated by the person and the affection of all taken decisions. In this way, the humanly variable appears in virtual economy by Virtonomics. It is important to mention that person can moderate some of the situations in order to see how it affects the habitants of virtual economy. The share size of simulation impressed many participants of the Summit as well. Participants agreed, that fully scalable solution that can be additionally customized looks highly attractive.

Virtonomics is a strategic online business game that gathers over 3 million players from all over the world. The game unifies multilayered business and company management simulation (17 interconnected business processes, 141 type of subsidiaries), multidimensional global business simulation (25 industries, 203 products to produce, 33 countries, 300 cities), and virtual economy.

Virtonomics is unparalleled online environment for individuals to develop business orientated hard and soft skills, communicate, make connections, and have fun.

Simformer invites universities and training companies to cooperation.

We are interested in strategic partners for the joint creation and launch on the corporate market of a fundamentally new product line in the niche of business games and developing simulations created on the basis of our platform – Simformer.com .

We offer partnerships to consulting companies, business schools, coaches, and game developers specializing in:

  • Developing, creating, conducting business games and training for the corporate sector
  • Consulting and conducting seminars on organizational development, change management, evaluation and development of personnel
  • Training and development of functional and managerial skills for higher and secondary management, as well as for students of business schools
  • Development of seminars, webinars, training courses on subjects in the field of economics, management and entrepreneurship
  • We offer you today the most powerful multifunctional platform in the world for developing, organizing and conducting your author’s business games, training and business simulations.

Simformer is actually a Lego for assembling his training and business games, allowing to solve most cases relevant for real business. You can develop new business games and business simulations, you can transfer existing products to our platform by enriching them with game tools. It is possible to play games of any duration with any number of participants, manage the process remotely.

On the Simformer platform you get the opportunity to conduct REMOTE business games and training, expanding the audience that is available to you, minimizing your organizational costs and using the Simformer billing system to collect payments from users. In addition, you gain access to the our MILLION audience.

In which products and results of cooperation we are interested:

  • Business games scenarios based on Simformer business simulation environment
  • Fully developed and described business games and simulations based on Simformer
  • Seminars and webinars on the use of Simformer for:
    – development and training of personnel
    – testing market, marketing and organizational strategies
    – teaching students of economic universities and business schools
    – Business English training
    – Organization and moderation of business games for corporate customers
    – Organization of sales of business games and training on the basis of Simformer to corporate customers

Possible forms of cooperation:

We are flexible, mobile and open to any cooperation! We will be glad to receive your letters, questions and suggestions.

EXAMPLES of typical training and courses that you can carry out now on the basis of Simformer:

1. Develop a business model and build an effective sales office.
2. Management of sales in a highly competitive environment
3. Market landing. Training in the basics of marketing, market analysis, planning.


Business simulations platform Simformer was originally created not just as an exciting and full-scale game about building and developing a business, but also as an effective tool for solving real corporate problems in the field of:

– training of personnel in business management skills (strategic and tactical levels);
– Increase the effectiveness of teamwork,
Development of a systematic approach to management
– development of business planning skills and analysis of the company’s activities,
– developing skills for managing intercultural differences in international companies,
– improving the quality of strategic management
– optimization of key business processes

The ideologist of the project is a businessman who has many years of experience of proven successful management of medium and large companies and understands the needs of real business. As a result, Simformer, as a business development tool, has already been tested and honed on a number of real successful companies.

Simformer business games basically has no linear scenario, allowing the player or his coach to determine their own goals and strategies in the simulation, organically build in the gameplay almost any business case.

This makes it possible for HR directors or corporate training centers to flexibly use the Simformer platform, constructing from its “cubes” any business games and training for business-relevant tasks and scenarios. Top-managers Simformer makes it possible to test in the simulator their ideas and market strategies before realizing them in real life, and also use Simformer as a testing ground and a platform for holding strategic sessions. Our platform allows you to test strategies and hypotheses at thousands of qualified audiences, obtaining a representative feedback on all your actions produced in the simulation.

Simformer provides the HR-director, business coach and company manager with unlimited opportunities for:

  • gaming staff development processes creation and carrying out on the platform of Simformer any business games and training;
  • organization of programs of corporate practice-oriented training;
  • testing of knowledge, skills and behavioral parameters of employees;
  • creation of the personnel reserve

The game is conducted in a step-by-step online mode, which allows you to conduct training and business games at the same time for a large number of employees, without the need to collect them all in one place. This quality makes Simformer a particularly attractive tool for large geographically dispersed companies with many divisions and a wide geography.

Our business simulations today does not have analogues in the world for the scale and depth of the development of business processes, the power of the mathematical apparatus, analytical tools, the number of industries, goods and services presented in the game process.

During the game training, your employees plan the activities of their business or units, analyze the markets and activities of competitors, adjust and optimize processes, compete, cooperate, trade not only with the computer, but with each other. Efficiency of communications and teamwork skills are the most important component of the game process and directly affect the achievement of goals. Everything is like in real life.

Simformer offers several types of solutions for corporate clients:

1. Simformer Enterprise

an optimal solution for large companies with their own training centers and corporate academies. Dedicated and customized “game” space, to which only employees of the company have access + training of internal coach

2. Simformer Coach Account

an optimal solution for small and medium businesses, consulting companies and business coaches. A group account designed to develop or conduct one-off training within the common “gaming” spaces

3. Typical training based on the Simformer business simulation platform

If you are interested in the unique capabilities of the Simformer training platform, write us about your needs and we will offer you the best solution for your business:


Økonomisk strategispil – er ikke kun en mulighed for at slå tiden ihjel, slappe af, lindre forfængelighed på den sidste dag, men det er også en stor chance for at udvikle en sådan vigtig (og på arbejdspladsen, erhvervslivet, og bare i livet) færdigheder som evnen til at tænke logisk, at beregne resultaterne af deres handlinger, evnen til at vente, evne til at kommunikere med andre mennesker, ledelsesmæssige færdigheder. Ja, og alt dette, bare at spille spil …

Den menneskelige hjerne er meget bedre og lettere opfatter de oplysninger, hvis det serveres på en legende måde – vestlige eksperter har længe taget dette faktum i brug: udenlandske konsulentvirksomheder omfatte økonomiske, business spil til at arbejde med sine kunder, computeren branchens forsyninger alle de nye spil. Nu er spilrelæet blevet opsnappet af Rusland – på hjemmemarkedet er det også muligt at finde mange værdige, interessante tilbud.

En af de mest interessante muligheder – browser spil, økonomiske strategier. Hvad er fordelene ved browserbaserede økonomiske spil? Først og fremmest er dette manglen på en spiller bindende til et bestemt sted til en bestemt computer. Det vil sige at for at starte / fortsætte spillet er det nok bare at få adgang til internettet, og hvilken computer denne adgang giver, er ikke så vigtig. Økonomiske strategiske spil vil være tilgængelige for dig fra din hjemmecomputer og fra arbejderen og fra den bærbare computer, der ledsager den moderne person bogstaveligt overalt. Kort sagt er adgangen til spillet ikke begrænset til eksterne årsager, og derfor bliver spilprocessen selv mere interessant, og resultaterne opnås hurtigere.

Hvis vi taler om de mest populære browserbaserede økonomiske spil, bør vi være opmærksomme på en sådan mulighed som Virtonomics. Virtonomics er en hel verden med mange ressourcer, som brugeren skaber, udvikler sin forretning. I starten af ​​spillet modtager hver deltager en startkapital, som han kan forøge i sidste ende for at stige. Deltagerne i spillet beskæftiger sig ikke med en computer, hvis handlinger er lette at forudse, men med andre deltagere, hvilket gør Virtonomics til en ideel forretningssimulator. Du vil lære at kommunikere med andre, for at forstå deres motiver, deres handlinger, vil du lære, hvordan man beregner konsekvenserne af deres handlinger, lære lederevner … Så få nok “vædret” en platform til at starte din virksomhed i den virkelige verden.

Browser spil, økonomiske strategier er en glimrende mulighed i spillet, let, simpelt og underholdende for at lære de vigtigste færdigheder, som sikkert vil komme til nytte for dig i fremtiden – ikke bare i erhvervslivet, men bare i livet.

Økonomisk strategi spill – er ikke bare en mulighet til å drepe tid, slappe av, lindre forfengelighet av den siste dagen, men det er også en stor sjanse til å utvikle slike viktige (og på jobb, business, og bare i livet) ferdigheter som evnen til å tenke logisk, for å beregne resultatene av sine handlinger, evnen til å vente, evne til å kommunisere med andre mennesker, ledelsesmessige ferdigheter. Ja, og alt dette, bare å spille spill …

Den menneskelige hjerne er mye bedre og lettere oppfatter informasjon, hvis det blir servert på en leken måte – Vestlige eksperter har lenge tatt dette faktum i bruk: utenlandske konsulentselskaper inkludere økonomiske, business spill for å jobbe med sine kunder, datamaskinen bransjens leverer alle nye spill. Nå har spilleléet blitt avlyttet også av Russland – i hjemmemarkedet er det også mulig å finne mange verdige, interessante tilbud.

En av de mest interessante alternativene – nettleser spill, økonomiske strategier. Hva er fordelene med nettleserbaserte økonomiske spill? Først av alt er dette mangelen på en spillers binding til et bestemt sted, til en bestemt datamaskin. Det er for å starte / fortsette spillet, det er nok bare for å få tilgang til Internett, og hvilken datamaskin denne tilgangen gir, er ikke så viktig. Økonomiske strategiske spill vil være tilgjengelige for deg fra din hjemmedatamaskin, og fra arbeideren, og fra den bærbare datamaskinen som følger med den moderne personen bokstavelig overalt. Kort sagt, tilgangen til spillet er ikke begrenset til noen eksterne grunner, og derfor blir spillprosessen selv mer interessant, og resultatene oppnås raskere.

Hvis vi snakker om de mest populære nettbaserte økonomiske spillene, bør vi være oppmerksom på et slikt alternativ som Virtonomics. Virtonomics er en hel verden med mange ressurser, som brukeren skaper, utvikler sin virksomhet. I begynnelsen av spillet mottar hver deltager en startkapital, som han kan multiplisere til slutt for å øke. Deltakerne i spillet er ikke å gjøre med datamaskinen, er handlingen ikke vanskelig å forutsi, og med andre deltakere, og er den perfekte forretnings Virtonomics simulator. Du vil lære å kommunisere med andre, for å forstå deres motiver, deres handlinger, vil du lære hvordan å beregne konsekvensene av sine handlinger, lære lederegenskaper … Så, få nok “kjørte” en plattform for å starte din bedrift i den virkelige verden.

Nettleserspill, økonomisk politikk – er en stor mulighet i spillet, lett, enkelt, morsomt å lære viktige ferdigheter som vil sikkert være nyttig for deg i fremtiden – ikke bare i næringslivet, men bare i livet.

Startup simulator: entrepreneurship and management challenge