Virtonomics Business War!

Exclusive online wonder for real connoisseurs of hardcore economic strategy games!

Virtonomics Business War

This is a real revolution among the few massively multiplayer business games. Big business, big money, big power. These always go hand in hand with rough power, courage, cunning, strategic thinking, the ability to strike and survive.

Virtonomics Business War is a provocative game that turns ordinary people into tycoons, oligarchs and presidents.

This is the wide range of legitimate and illegal methods of competition in the disposal of your secret agents and the corporate security service:
Industrial espionage

The agent will infiltrate your competitor’s laboratory and steal one turn of research for the laboratory indicated in the first column of the list. Labs must research the same technology.

Private detective

The Private Detective service allows you to see the 10 most profitable targets for different Resistance-attacks and provides information about opponents’ security.


The activated "Vendetta" opens access to the search for opportunities to avenge those players who have attacked you. The search includes all possible types of attacks except indirect attacks like "Provocation".

Black PR

The agent will conduct a smear campaign against your competitor’s store to tarnish its reputation and increase the popularity of the store indicated in the first column of the list.

Computer virus

The agent will infect and disable 5 competitor’s office computers.

Tech sabotage

The agent will infiltrate your competitor’s unit and steal one level of technology for the unit indicated in the first column of the list.

Fake contract

The agent will infiltrate the competitor’s warehouse and organize a fake contract for the supply. If the product is not sold at all or if the price is zero, the agent will create a contract for exclusive delivery of this product to your company at a price of ©1.00 per unit.

Robbery of the train!

Two agents will rob the competitor’s factory, animal farm or warehouse and steal the revenue (20% will go to pay for the agents’ service) from goods sales.


The agent will establish links with smugglers to return customs duties paid by the warehouse indicated in the first column of the list.

Simple Shield

The agent will defend the unit indicated in the first column of the list. A protected unit cannot be harmed by "Industrial espionage", all "Sabotage" attacks except of "Provocation" and all "Capture" attacks except of "Provocation". The Shield automatically renews each turn.

City sheriff

In cities where your company has a villa, you can find and fine villains who successfully used Capture attacks in the last 5 days.

Tax police

In countries where your company has a villa, you can find and fine the villains who successfully used Fraud attacks in the last 5 days. The penalty is equal to twice the amount received as a result of the fraud.


Show this world who you are and what you are worthy of. Show them your ambition. You are worthy of wealth, fame, power and a top place on the food chain. You and only YOU. Make this world yours, and do not pity anyone. Competitors will show you no mercy.
I tried Virtonomics Entrepreneur game. Hands down, the most effective and useful business simulation for beginning entrepreneurs! I went through several different trainings, but only VE helped me to fight my fears of starting business, saved me from a heap of fatal failures in my first real business, and helped me avoid investment losses. I managed to get real profit in half a year! Thank you!
Alex, 27 years old Alex
I’ve been waging war in Virtonomics Business War for over six months - it really is one hellova game. What you get here is a combo of a severe economic strategy and a completely fierce PvP arsenal - from industrial espionage to fierce mafia showdowns. In last two 2 months I overturned and seized business from a dozen of tough oligarchs! A feeling words will not describe, gotta do it to understand :)
Max Max
I’ve been playing Virtonomics for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex strategic games, I constantly search and try economic simulators, even though they appear on internet quite rarely. But no game managed to get at least close to Virtonomics in realism, variations and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly developing and improving, it is diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here you can find business, politics, research, creativity, and a very cool community. Virtonomics Tycoon is a game for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although we often have a lot of passion here :) Join now!
Mary, 34 years old Mary

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