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Below are all the products (including raw materials), which can be produced, sold or bought. Want to know more? Click on the icon or product name.

Natural resources
Bauxite Bauxite Chemical minerals Chemical minerals Chrome Chrome Clay Clay
Coal Coal Copper pyrites Copper pyrites Diamonds Diamonds Gold Gold
Iron ore Iron ore Manganese Manganese Oil Oil Polymetallic ore Polymetallic ore
Silica Silica Titanium Ore Titanium Ore Wood Wood    
Materials, semi-products
Aircraft Engine Aircraft Engine Aircraft Interior Aircraft Interior Aluminium Aluminium Avionics Avionics
Car Parts Car Parts Carbon fiber Carbon fiber Chassis Chassis Components Components
Copper Copper Cosmetic oil Cosmetic oil Cotton fabric Cotton fabric Cotton fibre Cotton fibre
Cotton waste Cotton waste Duralumin alloy Duralumin alloy Dyestuff Dyestuff Electric drive Electric drive
Electronic components Electronic components Empennage elements Empennage elements Engine Engine Ethanol Ethanol
Fabric Fabric Fuselage section Fuselage section Glass Glass Image sensor Image sensor
LED LED Leather Leather Lithium Lithium Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery
Microprocessor Microprocessor Mirror plate Mirror plate Natural ingredients Natural ingredients Paper Paper
Perfume essence Perfume essence Plastics Plastics Rubber Rubber Ship's hull Ship's hull
Steel Steel Synthetic fabric Synthetic fabric Synthetic ingredients Synthetic ingredients Thermoelement Thermoelement
Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Titanium Titanium Trawl Trawl Wing elements Wing elements
Wool Wool Yacht equipment Yacht equipment Zinc Zinc Сhemicals Сhemicals
Agricultural products
Beeswax Beeswax Cacao Cacao Coffee Coffee Compound feed Compound feed
Corn Corn Cotton Cotton Eggs Eggs Flowers and Herbs Flowers and Herbs
Forage crops Forage crops Grain Grain Grapes Grapes Honey Honey
Meat Meat Milk Milk Olives Olives Oranges Oranges
Potatoes Potatoes Royal jelly Royal jelly Soy-bean Soy-bean Sugar Sugar
Tea leaf Tea leaf Tobacco Tobacco Tomato Tomato Wax foundation Wax foundation
Alcohol Alcohol Beer Beer Black tea Black tea Bourbon Bourbon
Bread Bread Canned corn Canned corn Canned fish Canned fish Canned olives Canned olives
Canned products Canned products Caviar Caviar Cheese Cheese Chocolate Chocolate
Cod liver Cod liver Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornmeal Cornmeal Dairy products Dairy products
Energetic drinks Energetic drinks Feta cheese Feta cheese Fish delicacies Fish delicacies Flour Flour
Fries Fries Fruit tea Fruit tea Green Tea Green Tea Icecream Icecream
Instant Coffee Instant Coffee Instant food Instant food Jam Jam Juice Juice
Liqueur Liqueur Marshmallows Marshmallows Miso-soup Miso-soup Natural Coffee Natural Coffee
Noodles Noodles Olive oil Olive oil Pastry Pastry Pu-erh Pu-erh
Red caviar Red caviar Sausages Sausages Soft drinks Soft drinks Souffle Souffle
Soy sauce Soy sauce Spice Spice Sweets Sweets Tofu Tofu
Tomato paste Tomato paste Waffles Waffles        
Consumer goods
Air conditioner Air conditioner Antifreeze Antifreeze Audio electronics Audio electronics Baby Clothes Baby Clothes
Baby Monitor Baby Monitor Baby car seat Baby car seat Baby carriage Baby carriage Baby food Baby food
Bags and briefcases Bags and briefcases Baseball cap Baseball cap Battery Battery Beach stuff Beach stuff
Bedroom furniture Bedroom furniture Bicycle Bicycle Bijouterie Bijouterie Books Books
Boots Boots Brilliants Brilliants Bronze decor Bronze decor Burgunder Burgunder
Business clothes Business clothes Camera Camera Canned pet food Canned pet food Car Car
Car alarm Car alarm Car body parts Car body parts Car roof box Car roof box Car tire rims Car tire rims
Cargo van Cargo van Carpet Carpet Ceramic cookware Ceramic cookware Cigar Cigar
Cigarettes Cigarettes Cleaners Cleaners Clothes Clothes Coffee machine Coffee machine
Computer Computer Computer accessories Computer accessories Constructor Constructor Cookers Cookers
Cosmetics Cosmetics Crib Crib Diamond necklace Diamond necklace Diapers Diapers
Digital camera Digital camera Digital video camera Digital video camera Dishes Dishes Dishwashers Dishwashers
Dry pet food Dry pet food Educational toys Educational toys Electric car Electric car Engine Oil Engine Oil
Flatiron Flatiron Folkdrakt Folkdrakt Football uniform Football uniform Furniture Furniture
GPS-navigators GPS-navigators Gardening tools Gardening tools Gifts and Souvenirs Gifts and Souvenirs Gyroscooter Gyroscooter
Hair dryer Hair dryer Hobby goods Hobby goods Household chemistry Household chemistry Italian dress Italian dress
Jeans Jeans Jet Ski Jet Ski Jewellery Jewellery Kettle Kettle
Kettle grill Kettle grill Kitchen Furniture Kitchen Furniture LED TV LED TV LED lamp LED lamp
Lamp Lamp Laptop Laptop Leather accessories Leather accessories Mirror Mirror
Motorcycle Motorcycle Office chair Office chair Office furniture Office furniture Office supplies Office supplies
Outerwear Outerwear Pans Pans Pearl jewelry Pearl jewelry Perfumery Perfumery
Poncho Poncho Power tools Power tools Press Press Printer Printer
Refrigerators Refrigerators SUV SUV Sanitary equipment Sanitary equipment Scooter Scooter
Sedan Sedan Shoes Shoes Shower cabins Shower cabins Smartphone Smartphone
Snus Snus Socks Socks Sombrero Sombrero Sports Car Sports Car
Sports tools Sports tools TV-sets TV-sets Table and bed linen Table and bed linen Tablet computer Tablet computer
Teapot Teapot The forged garden furniture The forged garden furniture Tires Tires Toothpaste Toothpaste
Towel Towel Toys Toys Trainer Trainer USB flash drive USB flash drive
Umbrella Umbrella Underwear Underwear Video game consoles Video game consoles Washing machines Washing machines
Watches Watches Window washer Window washer Сellular phone Сellular phone    
Medical Supplies
Cod liver oil Cod liver oil Cosmetic masks Cosmetic masks Electronic tonometer Electronic tonometer Herbs Herbs
Hormonal drugs Hormonal drugs Medical antiseptics Medical antiseptics Medical instruments Medical instruments Medical masks Medical masks
Natural medicines Natural medicines Nicotine patch Nicotine patch Pearl cream Pearl cream Personal Hygiene products Personal Hygiene products
Sports food Sports food Synthetic drugs Synthetic drugs Vitamins Vitamins    
Manufactured products
Auto repair equipment Auto repair equipment Coal Mill Coal Mill Coal-fired Power unit Coal-fired Power unit Communication equipment Communication equipment
Flue gas cleaning system Flue gas cleaning system Fuel appliances Fuel appliances Fuel dispenser Fuel dispenser Fuel oil energy unit Fuel oil energy unit
Garbage collecting equipment Garbage collecting equipment Garbage incineration energy unit Garbage incineration energy unit Hairdressing equipment Hairdressing equipment Heat Transfer Equipment Heat Transfer Equipment
Heliostat Heliostat IT Equipment IT Equipment Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment Machine Machine
Medical equipment Medical equipment Mining equipment Mining equipment Narrowbody aircraft Narrowbody aircraft Power-saw bench Power-saw bench
Preschools interior Preschools interior Refueling equipment Refueling equipment Restaurant equipment Restaurant equipment Server platform Server platform
Solar unit Solar unit Steam Turbine Steam Turbine Steam-boiler Steam-boiler Tractor Tractor
Trawler Trawler            
Cod Cod Crabs Crabs Fish Fish Oysters Oysters
Pearl Pearl Salmon Salmon Sturgeon Sturgeon    
Bees Bees Chicken Chicken Cow Cow Pigs Pigs
Sheep Sheep            
Art decor Art decor Shagreen Shagreen Yacht Yacht Yacht interiors Yacht interiors
Biodiesel Biodiesel Diesel fuel Diesel fuel Fuel oil Fuel oil Gasoline 80 Gasoline 80
Gasoline 92 Gasoline 92 Gasoline 95 Gasoline 95