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Below you can see all the types of industrial enterprises. Want to know more? Click on the icon or enterprise name.

Agricultural farm Agricultural farm Apiary Apiary Cowshed Cowshed Mill Mill
Mixed fodder production Mixed fodder production Pig farm Pig farm Plantation Plantation Poultry farm Poultry farm
Sheep farm Sheep farm Wax foundation factory Wax foundation factory        
Aircraft production
Aircraft Engine Plant Aircraft Engine Plant Aircraft Interior Plant Aircraft Interior Plant Aircraft assembly plant Aircraft assembly plant Aircraft components Plant Aircraft components Plant
Avionics Plant Avionics Plant Chassis Plant Chassis Plant        
Automotive industry
Automobile factory Automobile factory Car accessories factory Car accessories factory Car assembly plant Car assembly plant Car repair equipment factory Car repair equipment factory
Electric vehicles assembly plant Electric vehicles assembly plant Jet Ski factory Jet Ski factory Motorcycle Plant Motorcycle Plant    
Chemical industry
Biodiesel plant Biodiesel plant Car chemicals plant Car chemicals plant Chemical factory Chemical factory Engine Oil Plant Engine Oil Plant
Household chemicals factory Household chemicals factory Organic synthesis plant Organic synthesis plant Polymer plant Polymer plant Refinery Refinery
Tire factory Tire factory            
Consumer goods
Baby carriages Factory Baby carriages Factory Bicycle production Bicycle production Cigar manufacturing Cigar manufacturing Cookers Plant Cookers Plant
Dishwasher Factory Dishwasher Factory Educational toys Factory Educational toys Factory Factory for the production of constructor Factory for the production of constructor Gardening tools plant Gardening tools plant
Gift manufactory Gift manufactory Gyroscooter plant Gyroscooter plant Household Appliances Plant Household Appliances Plant Household goods plant Household goods plant
Kitchen Furniture Factory Kitchen Furniture Factory Metal tableware factory Metal tableware factory Offset Printing Offset Printing Pet food factory Pet food factory
Photo Camera production Photo Camera production Portable electronics Factory Portable electronics Factory Power tools Plant Power tools Plant Scooter factory Scooter factory
Sports equipment production Sports equipment production Sports tools production Sports tools production Tobacco factory Tobacco factory Umbrella factory Umbrella factory
Electronics and electrotechnics
Audio equipment production Audio equipment production Battery plant Battery plant Car alarm factory Car alarm factory Climate equipment Plant Climate equipment Plant
Coffee machines plant Coffee machines plant Communications equipment factory Communications equipment factory Computer accessories Factory Computer accessories Factory Computer equipment plant Computer equipment plant
Computer factory Computer factory Digital photo and video equipment factory Digital photo and video equipment factory Electronic components factory Electronic components factory GPS-navigators production GPS-navigators production
Game consoles factory Game consoles factory IT-equipment assembly unit IT-equipment assembly unit Kettle factory Kettle factory LED production factory LED production factory
Laboratory equipment factory Laboratory equipment factory Light bulb plant Light bulb plant Light technics plant Light technics plant Microprocessors factory Microprocessors factory
Mobile phones production Mobile phones production Radio towers Radio towers Refrigerator factory Refrigerator factory Smartphone factory Smartphone factory
TV plant TV plant Video equipment production Video equipment production Washing machines production Washing machines production    
Engineering industry
Car parts factory Car parts factory Electromechanical Plant Electromechanical Plant Engineering plant Engineering plant Fuel equipment factory Fuel equipment factory
Machine-tool factory Machine-tool factory Tractor factory Tractor factory        
Fishing industry
Cod liver oil factory Cod liver oil factory Fish processing plant Fish processing plant Fishing base Fishing base    
Food industry
Baby food Factory Baby food Factory Bakehouse Bakehouse Bakery Bakery Brewery Brewery
Cheesery Cheesery Chocolate factory Chocolate factory Citrus processing factory Citrus processing factory Coffee processing manufactory Coffee processing manufactory
Confectionary Confectionary Cornflakes plant Cornflakes plant Dairy-farm Dairy-farm Deep-freezing foods plant Deep-freezing foods plant
Distillery plant Distillery plant Instant food production plant Instant food production plant Meat processing plant Meat processing plant Olives processing plant Olives processing plant
Soft drinks production Soft drinks production Soy-bean factory Soy-bean factory Spice-making plant Spice-making plant Tea processing manufactory Tea processing manufactory
Tomato processing plant Tomato processing plant Vegetable processing plant Vegetable processing plant Whiskey distillery Whiskey distillery    
Glass industry
Ceramic factory Ceramic factory Ceramic materials factory Ceramic materials factory Glass-works factory Glass-works factory    
Industry-wide enterprises
Warehouse Warehouse            
Decor studio Decor studio Diamond workshop Diamond workshop Jewelry factory Jewelry factory Lapidary factory Lapidary factory
Pearls studio Pearls studio Watch factory Watch factory        
Light industry
Apparel manufactory Apparel manufactory Baby clothing Factory Baby clothing Factory Bed-clothes factory Bed-clothes factory Carpet factory Carpet factory
Clothing factory Clothing factory Cotton-cleaning factory Cotton-cleaning factory Leather shoes factory Leather shoes factory Leather small wares factory Leather small wares factory
Outerwear factory Outerwear factory Shoe factory Shoe factory Socks and stockings factory Socks and stockings factory Tailoring atelier Tailoring atelier
Textile factory Textile factory Toy factory Toy factory Underwear factory Underwear factory Weaving mill Weaving mill
Office Office            
Medicine, Pharmacy and Beauty industry
Biofactory Biofactory Cosmetics factory Cosmetics factory Essential oils factory Essential oils factory Hygiene Factory Hygiene Factory
Medical antiseptics factory Medical antiseptics factory Medical center Medical center Medical electronics plant Medical electronics plant Medical equipment Plant Medical equipment Plant
Medical ingredients Plant Medical ingredients Plant Medical instruments Plant Medical instruments Plant Medical mask factory Medical mask factory Nursery items Factory Nursery items Factory
Perfumery factory Perfumery factory Pharmaceutical Plant Pharmaceutical Plant Toothpaste plant Toothpaste plant Vitamins factory Vitamins factory
Copper Mill Copper Mill Duralumin Plant Duralumin Plant Metallurgical factory Metallurgical factory Mineral processing plant Mineral processing plant
Non-ferrous metal factory Non-ferrous metal factory Titanium smelter Titanium smelter        
Bauxite quarry Bauxite quarry Chromium mine Chromium mine Clay pit Clay pit Coal mine Coal mine
Copper Mine Copper Mine Diamond quarry Diamond quarry Gold mine Gold mine Iron ore mine Iron ore mine
Manganese mine Manganese mine Polymetallic ore mine Polymetallic ore mine Salt mine Salt mine Silica quarry Silica quarry
Titanium mine Titanium mine            
Oil well Oil well            
Power Industry
Coal equipment plant Coal equipment plant Coal-fired power plant Coal-fired power plant Environmental Equipment Plant Environmental Equipment Plant Heat exchange equipment plant Heat exchange equipment plant
Incinerator Incinerator Oil-fired power plant Oil-fired power plant Power engineering plant Power engineering plant Power units installation plant Power units installation plant
Solar power plant Solar power plant            
Real Estate and Luxury items
Elite interiors Factory Elite interiors Factory Villa Villa        
Science research
Laboratory Laboratory            
Services sector
Auto repair shop Auto repair shop Fitness center Fitness center Hairdressing salon Hairdressing salon Kindergarten Kindergarten
Laundry Laundry Mobile network operator Mobile network operator Public interiors Factory Public interiors Factory Restaurant Restaurant
Dockyard Dockyard Yacht shipyard Yacht shipyard        
Gas station Gas station Store Store        
Baby furniture Factory Baby furniture Factory Factory of office furniture Factory of office furniture Furniture factory Furniture factory Pulp and paper mill Pulp and paper mill
Sawmill Sawmill