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Topic created : 14.02.2019, 16:09

Last time edited : 14.02.2019, 16:11

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Dear Virtonomics players,
Virtonomics decided to close its crypto project and the game server “Crypto”.
This decision is due to the fact that, despite our continuing faith in the idea of ​​the project, and with all our efforts to develop it, unfortunately, the project has not yet been able to gain a critical mass of players for cumulative growth, and it seems that it is still not soon. This is due to the fact that in the course of the token-sale, too little money was raised to promote the project qualitatively and increase its audience. And hopes for a viral effect, unfortunately, did not materialize. Including due to the general decline in interest in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 and 19 years. Nevertheless, despite the severe shortage of our resources, we honestly made the basic crypto-Virtonomics functional, but for its further development and advancement in parallel with the “classical” Virtonomics, our resources are not enough. Spraying our very compact resource between the parallel development of two projects is detrimental to both of them.
Therefore, it was decided to suspend the crypto project and focus all our efforts on the development of the main product, on the "classical" Virtonomics.
Despite the fact that during the token-sale every buyer of virts and VIC tokens agreed with a detailed offer that strongly warns against participating in token-sale and assumes that the user assumes ALL the risks associated with his participation in token-sale, the Operator voluntarily decided implement a compensation program for participants of pre-sales and token-sales.
We want to be as honest with our users as possible, and we don’t want our players to irrevocably lose the money spent on buying Virts in the course of pre-sale and token-sale, despite their initial acceptance of this risk.
Therefore, we are now developing the details and the procedure for implementing a voluntary compensation program for token-sale participants, which we will publish by the end of next week, approximately February 21.