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Topic created : 23.12.2016, 13:28

Last time edited : 23.12.2016, 13:28

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We are introducing a new type of service business related to recently announced Baby Products.
We offer   Educational Establishment, a brand new type of enteprise with so far only one subgroup Pre-school educational institution with four specializations: Day Care Center, Kindergarden, Preparatory Preschool and Children‘s Art Studio.
We also introduce a new qualification Educational Insitutions for managing these types of enterprises.  Two types of related products are introduced as well: Preschool Interior (in Interior Factory) and Hobby goods (in the factory of paper made goods, they can also be found in Baby Products).
The leader of this sector receives a Supernanny award.
Kindergartens function the same way as other service sector enterprises that use consumables(restaurants, auto-repair shops and so on). Although educational institutions do not receive trademark bonuses, they can have increase or descrease in customer traffic, depending on the political situation of the country in educational affairs. The government partially pays for Virto citizens‘ kindergarden expenses: 3% of expenses  are paid by the city government (if the sum of city‘s current expenses on education is lower than 10%, additional expenses are not required; if the sum is bigger than 10%, the difference in expenses is calculated as separate expenditure), 50% of expenses are paid by the region, 40% of expenses are paid by the country (if the sum of the country‘s curent expenses on education is lower than 10%, additional funds on education expenses are not allocated ; if the sum is bigger than 10%, the difference in expenses is calculated as separate expenditure).
The presidents of the countries will have the most influence in regards to kindergartens‘ income and  “preschool expenses“ (the current expenses‘ percentage on education will influence the exenses on kindegartens). The governors   will also have influence on education expenses (new percentage on education expenses). City mayors will not have any influence on education expenses at all, hence the percentage they will have to pay is minimal.


Solar Energy
We are also introducing a new type of power plants. A Solar plant.
In regards to that, three additional goods are introduced: Heliostat (produced at environment equipment factory), and a Solar unit.
Solar plants will be operating only in "private energy network" or "corporate energy network" modes.

Another huge industry has been introduced.
IT industry functions according to the following structure: A new unit The Network of communication towers develop and sell traffic megabytes, Mobile network operator acquires the traffic (just like regular goods, exept  that traffic can not be stored and accumulated) and turns the trafffic into talk time for their subscribers.
The efficiency of traffic sales is determined by a new qualitfication - IT.
Towers will be introduced as a rented unit, without employees, without any regions, with ony one size that would fit around 1000 equipment units.
Goods and specializations for new industries:

  • Zinc made from Polymetallic ore;
  • Communication Equipment  - equipment for towers, basic usage term - 2 virto years, produced at the  new factory;
  • IT Equipment – equipment for mobile  Mobile network operators (includes Server platfrom).

Some additional facts on IT funtionality:
1. The quality of communication equipment effects  the quality of network bandwidth (+15% for each quality point) and equipment wear and tear term (+1.5% for each quality point). The bigger is the network bandwidth, the more traffic is generated by one unit of equipment. The network bandwidth is an analogy of the traffic‘s "quality".
2. Mobile network operators will not have a certain location or  the “uniqueness of service“ parameter. However, the quality will be effected by one additional factor: apart from the equipment quality and employees‘ qualification, the quality of communication will play a huge role as well, which will be detemined by  the acquired traffic‘s weighted average  "quality" (of network bandwidth).
3. The towers‘ taxes will be calculated, excluding equipment‘s wear and tear, the taxes of mobile network operators will be calculated the same as in other service businesses.

New Retail Goods
New miscellaneous goods
  • Battery (Consumer goods)
  • Forged garden furniture (Consumer goods)
  • Kettle grill (Consumer goods)
  • Digital video camera (Electronics)
  • Digital camera (Electronics)
  • Image sensor (not for sale, used for two previously mentioned products)
  • Tablet computer (Electronics)

Other News

  • Sports equipment is added on Olga (with one specializations - Balls);
  • The specialization Aluminum cookware will be removed from consumer goods factories. This specialization will become a Glass cookware specialization at all currently functioning factories.
  • The cost calculation process of independent energy and international environment protection standards will exclude  the impact of waste incinaration power plants that exceed the demand of the city, where they are  placed;
  • Technology level bonus has been increased at coal –fired  and oil –fired power plants: 5% fuel savings for each technology level will be replaced by 7% fuel savings for each technology level;
  • Energy specialists ranking  has been introduced (based on the income in energy sales). Top leaders will be awarded with a - Top energy specialist award.
  • Vintage cameras and vintage video cameras have been removed  (from respective departments);
  • Three bonus specializations for zinc have been added: alternative antiseptic (zinc + synthetic components, +10% quality), heat transfer equipment has been upgraded (+15% quality) as well as air-conditioners (+15% quality);
  • There are three types of new factories.