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Game statuses

Game status

Game statuses are a valuable asset that gives you and your company unique opportunities and benefits. To get the game status you need, just subscribe to it. With a gaming status, you will regularly receive Game Points (GP) on your balance with a cumulative bonus up to 500 GP per month, and you will also get access to various unique gaming features. For example, instant construction of units, a bonus to exploration in mines, etc.

Game Points (GP) are credited to your game account and are available on all game realms.

Displaying your current status is available in the menu Settings / My data / My subscriptions.

Monthly and weekly statuses

Player status

Game statuses are available with a weekly or monthly subscription, and, accordingly, with the same period for accruing bonus GP to you. Game statuses with monthly subscription have 4 levels that differ in price, bonuses and additional features. You can own a weekly and monthly subscription to different statuses, but you cannot have two monthly game statuses at the same time.

A subscription to a game status is tied to a specific game server (realm). The player can have a subscription on each game space where he created a game character (if this game functionality is available on the realm), and receive game points from each of them. Additional game bonuses are valid only on the realm on which a subscription to a specific game status is issued.


Status Bonuses

By owning a game status, you each period receive Game Points (GP) equal to the face value of the status PLUS an increasing bonus. The amount of the bonus depends on the type of your status. The bonus increases every month, up to the 6th month, and then remains unchanged for the duration of the subscription.

Status bonuses are credited only to the Game Points you receive through a subscription, and do not apply to all other purchases.

Subscription cancelation and Renewal

When canceling a subscription to a Game Status, the cumulative percentage bonus will be lost, and additional status features will also be disabled.

If you want, you can change your Game Status - move it to a higher or lower level (only available for monthly statuses). To do this, you just need to purchase a new game status. The previous status will automatically change to the new one. When changing the tariff, the user in the new tariff immediately receives a percentage bonus corresponding to the previous month of his former status.