Business Simulation Game

Grow your company from a startup to a global business empire!

Startup simulator

Startup simulator for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. Experiment and train to manage in simulation without risking your real business. Learn by playing!


Browser economy game
Business War!

The multiplayer economic strategy game with PvP elements is a real revolution among serious business games about the economy, mafia, politics and fierce competition.


Business simulation game

The world’s most famous and popular business simulation game Virtonomics: Tycoon. Turn-based strategy game, 200+ industries, realistic economy and thousands of real competitors.


Virtual economy indicators

Cities 335
Number of companies 15 882
Number of subdivisions 236 059
Technology level 33
Total assets (trln. $) $8 218

Game events

  • Bakehouse: 12 technology lvl has been researched.
  • Polymer plant: 28 technology lvl has been researched.
  • Educational toys Factory: 29 technology lvl has been researched.
  • Digital photo and video equipment factory: 29 technology lvl has been researched.
  • Textile factory: 33 technology lvl has been researched.

User reviews

I tried Entrepreneur. Hands down, the most effective and useful business simulation for beginning entrepreneurs! I went through several different trainings, but only VE helped me to fight my fears of starting, saved me from a heap of fatal failures in my first startup, and helped me avoid investment losses. I managed to get real profit in half a year! Thank you!
Alex, 27 years old Alex
I’ve been waging war in BizWar for over six months - it really is one hellova game. What you get here is a combo of a severe economic strategy and a completely fierce PvP arsenal - from industrial espionage to fierce mafia showdowns. In last two 2 months I overturned and seized markets from a dozen of tough oligarchs! A feeling words will not describe, gotta do it to understand :)
Max Max
I’ve been playing Virtonomics for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex economy games, I constantly search and try simulations for my students, even though they appear on internet quite rarely. But no game managed to get at least close to Virtonomics in realism, variations and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly developing and improving, it is diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here you can find economy, entrepreneurship, company management, finances, marketing, decisions making, politics, market research, R&D, creativity, and a very cool community. Tycoon is a game for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although we often have a lot of passion here :) Join now!
Mary, 34 years old Mary

Economic games and business simulations Virtonomics

This is a series of entertaining and educational games about
economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, competition, company management,..

Startup simulation
"Virtonomics Entrepreneur"

This is a serious educational online game designed for practical training of novice entrepreneurs. The main purpose of a this game is to simulate a realistic market environment. As a result an entrepreneur can create a virtual prototype of future company, develop and improve managerial and entrepreneurial skills, gain experience of survival and business development in a competitive environment, and make all the typical mistakes without the risk of losing real capital

Do you have an idea and desire to start your business, or are you already the founder of a startup, but you lack knowledge and experience? If you need to protect yourself and your company from making typical mistakes at the growth stage - you need an “Virtonomics Entrepreneur”. If you want to test the market strategy or economy models, do it in a realistic startup simulation.

Economic strategy game
"Business Wars"

This browser-based strategy online game with PvP features is designed for true connoisseurs of hardcore economic strategy games involving spies and mafias! The widest arsenal of gaming opportunities - more than 200 different industries for your corporation; dozens of countries where you can create your own political party and become governor or president; own secret service; the possibility of cooperation with other players to create a corporation or a mafia clan. Powerful combat PvP arsenal to attack competitors and protect their interests.

Join to alliances, organize your mafia, master industrial espionage, engage in competitive wars, create a monopoly and walk on the razor’s edge.

Business game
"Virtonomics Tycoon"

The goal of this online economy simulation game is to build a global and efficient business in a competitive environment. You get start-up capital and develop your virtual company in any way you want. Huge world, vast geography, dozens of industries, hundreds of products, thousands competitors!

The uniqueness of this economy simulation in its versatility and your complete freedom of action. You can manage stores and factories, you can become an agricultural or industrial magnate, tycoon, governor or president of the country. Also you can focus on high technology or scientific research, urban planning, political struggle and public administration. Your possibilities are endless!