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"US pilots started to hone their skills using flight simulators as early as the 1970s. It proved to be cheaper, and in some cases more effective, than training sorties. Today, anyone can learn the basics of driving in auto simulators in the same way that one can learn the fundamentals for building a company with the Virtonomics business simulation game."
Pavel DurovThe founder of Telegram
Pavel Durov
The founder of Telegram
A year ago, I decided that I was going to open my own small retail business. However, it was very frightening; I didn’t have any entrepreneurial experience or company management skills. I took several business courses and training seminars, but my questions and concerns only grew. My friends then advised me to try my hand at the startup simulator ‘Entrepreneur”. At first, I was skeptical; what can a game teach me? However, now I know for sure that this is the most effective way of practical training for entrepreneurs, and is certainly a fantastic tool for novice businessmen! It’s honestly a very realistic business simulator, with a huge amount of detail when it comes to business processes. This allows entrepreneurs to develop their practical skills regarding the process of managing and growing a startup. Without risking my capital, I was able to experiment with running a virtual company, while testing and improving my business model. The business simulator saved me from many failures in the real world, and it stopped me worrying about losing my investment. Six months later, I opened my first store, my investment was returned and I made a profit. Thanks Virtonomics!
Alex, 27 years old Startup simulator Entrepreneur - Alex review
I’ve been playing the economics game ‘Mafia Manager’ for about a year now. This is truly one of the coolest and most unusual strategy multiplayer games about the economy and the unwritten rules of the corporate world. The game offers a combination of tough economic strategy, company management puzzles and a varied PvP arsenal. The game is in no way short of industrial espionage and political intrigues. I ended up creating my own mafia clan and engaged in market wars with my competitors! In just a few months, I built a powerful corporation from scratch, I captured markets and companies from a dozen different tycoons, and even became president of a virtual state. My emotions from playing in this world are difficult to describe; you’ll have to give it a go yourself and understand that sweet feeling of victory. :)
Max Economic game Business and Mafia: Max review
I’ve been playing the tycoon game Virtonomics on and off for about 5 years now. As a fan of complex games about the economy, I’m constantly searching and trying different business simulation games for my students; good ones are hard to come by, I must be honest. Having said that, no business game I found managed to get even close to Virtonomics in terms of realism, variety and interesting gameplay. This game is constantly being developed and improved. It is as diverse and interesting as our life itself. Here, you can develop your economics, entrepreneurship, company management skills, finances, marketing, decision making, politics, market research, R&D, creativity, all while engaging with a really friendly community. Virtonomics Tycoon is a slow turn-based browsing business simulator for calm, thoughtful and intelligent people. Although, we are a passionate bunch to be honest. Give it a try!
Mary, 34 years old Business simulation game Virtonomics Tycoon - Mary review
Compete against other players
Compete against other players
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Get a diploma confirming your competencies
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Extract raw materials, produce goods
Go for farming and agriculture
Go for farming and agriculture
Research and benefit from technology
Research and benefit from technology
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Set-up an efficient retail supply chain
Become a politician
Become a politician
Virtonomics business simulation games are a series of economics online games and business simulations about the economy, entrepreneurship, competition, finance, marketing, sales, production, strategy, innovation, startup development, R&D, HR, supply chain management, and more.

The startup game "Entrepreneur"

This is a serious educational startup simulation game designed for the practical training of novice entrepreneurs and start-up managerial teams. The main purpose of this business game is to simulate a realistic market environment. As a result, an entrepreneur can create a virtual prototype of his or her future company, develop and improve managerial and entrepreneurial skills, gain experience of surviving and developing a business in a competitive environment, while making all the typical mistakes without the risk of losing real capital. Do you have an idea and the desire to start your own business? Perhaps you’re already the founder of a startup, but you lack the necessary knowledge and experience? If you want to protect yourself and your company from making typical mistakes at the growth stage - you need to take a crack at “Virtonomics Entrepreneur”. If you want to test certain market strategies or economic models while improving your business management skills, make sure you’re doing it in a realistic startup simulator.

The management simulation game "Mafia Manager"

This browser-based online strategy game with PvP features is designed for true connoisseurs of hardcore economics games involving espionage and the mafia! Feel the plethora of gaming opportunities at your fingertips. With over 200 different industries for your corporation, dozens of countries where you can create your own political party and become the governor or president, the option of owning your own secret service, and the possibility of cooperating with other players, this game is worth the investment. Not only that, but you’ll gain access to a powerful PvP combat arsenal to either attack competitors or protect their interests. Form alliances, organize your mafia clan, master corporate espionage, engage in competitive wars, create a monopoly and walk on the razor’s edge- you are in control.

The economics online game "Tycoon"

The goal of this business simulation game is to build a globally efficient company in a difficult and competitive environment. You’ll receive start-up capital and the opportunity develop your virtual company in any way you want. Get acquainted with a huge world, its vast geography, dozens of industries, hundreds of products, and thousands of competitors! The uniqueness of this business simulation lies in its versatility and the complete freedom that it offers you. You can manage stores and factories, become an agricultural or industrial magnate, and even become the governor or president of a country. Moreover, you can choose to focus on technological or scientific research, urban planning, political races or public administration. The possibilities are endless! Start a tycoon game online now!

World map

The world map  in Virtonomics is identical to the real geographical map. The only difference is the number of available countries in Virtonomics. There are 5 countries in Intensive format and 36 in Classic. You can see the Virtonomics world map by clicking on «Analytics» > «Macroeconomics».  

General information on the countries includes the number of cities, population and tax rates. For the detailed information on the cities (population, average salary, unemployment rate, education, etc.) select the country or a region:

Demographic situation in cities

Every city has its own demographic profile. 

Employment types:

  • Employees at the enterprises owned by other participants
  • Employees at computer-generated enterprises
  • Civil servants
  • Non-working population
  • Unemployed

City indicators

    There is archived information on key indicators in every city:  

Additionally, there is data on rent costs, renewable resources (agricultural products, wood, etc.) and seasonal variations. 

The main demography indicators

When selecting a city to start your business, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Population — it gives an overview of the potential market size.
  • Average city salary — the level is normally higher in bigger cities.
  • Unemployment rate — on one hand, high unemployment reduces the market potential.
  • On the other hand, the unemployed can easily become your employees.
  • Education level — abstract indication of average employee qualification in the city.
  • Wealth level — abstract indication of population’s buying power in the city. It is a calculated correlation of city population and the size of the retail market.

Taxes and fees

The information on the taxes and fees that are applied in Virtonomics virtual world can be found by clicking on the «Analytics» > «Macroeconomics» tab.

A sample of customs duties on export and import (select the country and click on the «Custom duties » tab):

Information on the tax rates in a specific region of the country. Select the country and click on «Region».

A sample of CTIE rates (select the region and click on the «CTIE rates»):

Tax and fee rates

Just like in real life, the virtual companies in Virtonomics have to pay certain taxes and fees:

  • Custom duties — are applied in export and import operations. Their rates depend on the product / raw material.
  • Income tax — the main tax. Applied in trading (wholesale, sales of products produced by your factories, sales in stores), and services. The income tax rates vary according to region. The dividends are transferred during the game update.
  • CTIE rates — a minimum tax deduction sum; applies only to production subdivisions. It is deducted only when the products were sold at a price lower than their prime cost or if the enterprise’s income is lower than the income tax rate. In all other cases the income tax is applicable. The tax rates vary based on regions.
  • Technology and licenses sales tax. 7% rate.
  • Property sale tax (when selling subdivisions). 10% rate.

Transport and rent expenses, energy consumption costs

Just like in real life, the shipping of products in Virtonomics cost a certain amout of money. The information of shipping costs are available by clicking on «Analytics» > «Macroeconomics», select the «Transport» tab. Select the product category and the departure city:

Energy tariffs of certain regions of the country or the whole country can be found by clicking on «Analytics» > «Macroeconomics», just select the required country or region. 

The rent costs of the cities by clicking on «Rent»: 

Transport expenses

In some cases, transportation expenses and customs duties can have a significant impact on the selling price of the product. For example, the manufacturer’s price of one potato is $ 0.09. The shipping of potatoes from Shanghai to Cologne and customs duties will cost $ 0.06 per each potato, and that is ~ 66% of the price. The selling price and the price with shipping expenses and customs duties is indicated when ordering products:

  • Supplier’s price — selling price.
  • The price — the total price, including transport
  • expenses and custom duties.

Real estate market

Premises for offices, stores, warehouses, restaurants, hair salons, laundries, etc. are for rent. You can rent the required premises in one game turn (the actual building of the subdivisions takes longer than that).

Renewable resources

Wood, agricultural and fishery products are the renewable resources that vary according to each city.   Production of certain resources do not depend on seasonal variations (wood manufacturing or pearl fishing, for example). However, agriculture business depends heavily on seasonality. 

A sample of harvesting calendar in specific cities:

The seasonality is depicted in crop cultivation reports: 

Report on products’ seasonality

For the information of the city’s renewable resources, click on «Analytics» / «Macroeconomics», and choose the «Resources» tab.

For specific reports click on «Analytics» / «Market analysis» and select the «Resources» tab.

Seasonal businesses

Agriculture businesses (farms, plantations) are actively developing only during a certain part of the game year. The seasons of sowing, ripening and harvesting vary according to different types of crops.

When the harvest season comes to an end, the employees of the agriculture subdivision are dismissed, but general expenses are still  applicable.

When you open farms, you can start the sowing process during this exact virtual year. 

The geography of agriculture business

Just like in real life, growing certain crops strongly depends on geographical aspects. Each renewable resource depends on certain  environmental conditions and geographical location. (You cannot grow coffee in Norway, for instance).

Tycoon games & company management simulations